8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse

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8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - insitu powder coated olive
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - insitu powder coated olive
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - powder coated colours available
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - front view finished in powder coated olive
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - side view finished in powder coated olive
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - right hand side view
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - view of top part of greenhouse
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - double thickness framing
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - integral base
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - bar capping
  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse - integral gutter

Key Features

Bespoke and Made to Measure

Bespoke or made to measure
Bespoke or made to measure
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8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse

NEW - Guarantee - 10 year - gold

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Usually delivered: Aluminium 4-5 weeks - Colour 8-10 Weeks.

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  • 8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse£2,040.00


            The Edge 800 is our largest Pent Roof Aluminium Greenhouse, measuring a generous 8ft in width and offering limitless length options. The pent roof gives this high-quality greenhouse a contemporary look. The greenhouse is engineered with the Titan bar, recognised as one of the UK's sturdiest aluminium greenhouse frames. The bar has a higher aluminium content and uses core-vect technology to give it superior strength and durability. This ensures its resilience in the face of the ever-changing British weather.

            The steep angle of the Pent roof provides an expansive growing area, ideal for crops that require ample space. Moreover, it comes with a reassuring 10-year frame guarantee, assuring you of its exceptional strength and its enduring presence as the focal point of your garden or outdoor space. The integrated gutter is situated at the rear of the greenhouse to collect and redirect rainwater. You can also install an Elite Rainwater Collection Kit to collect rainwater in a water butt. (Sold separately) Install a rainwater kit to benefit the environment and nourish greenhouse plants sustainably with collected rainwater

            The greenhouse includes two roof vents, these are positioned on the front width of the greenhouse. Automatic roof vents or additional vents cannot be added. However the two included vents offer ample ventilation. A 5-blade louvre vent is included and can be fitted on any of the three sides of the greenhouse (cannot be fitted on the front width). With the 4mm Toughened Safety Glass for glazing, you have peace of mind. The inclusive bar capping adds a professional touch, concealing any exposed nut heads.

            An integral base allows for easy placement on both hard and soft ground. The built-in greenhouse base truly makes installation easy. The greenhouse doors fit into the base, providing a low threshold. A sloped cill, coupled with the low entrance makes it easy to access the greenhouse, especially with a wheelbarrow.

            As you step inside, you'll be welcomed by the inviting Double Door Opening, featuring a low threshold for easy access. The doors are fitted on the 8ft length and you can specify where these are to be fitted for your convenience. The length will change according to your door requirements. You can also choose to add another double door if you prefer. The customisation options make this aluminium greenhouse a real gem for growing enthusiasts. The space is so comfortable that you might use the Elite 8x8 Edge Greenhouse as a retreat to unwind and relish your garden.

            The standard finish of the greenhouse is silver aluminium but you also have an option of choosing a powder-coated finish. Choose from one of our 11 available colours to customise your greenhouse, allowing it to harmonise with other elements of your home or garden. We also offer package deals with everything you need to optimise your greenhouse and a wide selection of accessories tailored to fit this model.

            Elevate your outdoor space with The Edge 800, a versatile structure that serves as a functional workspace and transforms into a serene haven for relaxation and enjoyment amidst your garden.

            Bespoke Aluminium Greenhouse Options:

            You have the flexibility to select bespoke options for this aluminium greenhouse. The options are available for any desired length, offered in unlimited 2ft increments. While the length can be tailored to individual preferences, please note that the width remains fixed. This bespoke service allows you to create a greenhouse that perfectly suits your needs and space requirements.


            After Care - Maintenance free

            Frame finish - Silver aluminium finish or optional powder coating in various colours

            Glazing - 4mm Toughened safety glass 

            Roof glazing - 6mm Polycarbonate panels

            Roof Style - Pent Style

            Roof Vents - 2 Manual

            Louvre Vent - 1 Manual

            Base - Integral base

            Doors - double sliding doors on length 

            Access - dropped doors with low threshold and cambered cill for easy access

            Lock - Lockable (2 keys supplied)

            Frame - Titan heavy duty frame

            Bar Capping - 11 powder coated colour options

            Size options - unlimited size options available

            Finish - Silver aluminium finish or optional powder coating in various colours

            About Your Order:

            Elite Edge Aluminium Greenhouses offer a hassle-free and superior experience. A straightforward assembly experience is offered, with all the necessary fixtures and fittings to ensure a smooth set-up. You'll only need a few standard tools to construct the aluminium greenhouse. Depending on your ability, a greenhouse can be built within a weekend. Each greenhouse has comprehensive written instructions to guide you through the process. 

            Please note: Images may depict furnishings, accessories and powder coated colour finishes; these are for illustration purposes only. Consult the specification table for the standard features applicable to this size. All options will be automatically sent to match the colour of the frame you have selected.

            Aluminium Greenhouse Maintenance:

            Maintenance and care are essential for prolonging the lifespan of your Elite Greenhouse. The upkeep is simple but can ensure your greenhouse serves you for many years, even decades. Cleaning your greenhouse is crucial in enhancing the plant-growing environment by eliminating algae, moss, and grime. It allows more light in and also helps in managing pests and diseases. To maintain your greenhouse effectively, start by temporarily relocating your plants. Use a brush to clean tabletops, remove cobwebs from corners, and eliminate floor debris. Ensuring clean windows inside and outside is vital for maximising light levels. You can clean the glass, aluminium, and plastic surfaces with a microfibre cloth, using hot, soapy water or a commercial greenhouse cleaning product. Rinse with clean water and let it dry. 

            About Elite Greenhouses:

            Elite Greenhouses has a history spanning over five decades, known for its exceptional commitment to quality and service that's challenging to surpass. The core values of Elite have remained steadfast throughout the years, rooted in a simple yet enduring formula evident across their entire product range. They persistently craft greenhouses designed to last a lifetime, drawing from decades of experience and a deep pride in their work.

            Elite offers the most extensive selection of greenhouses, featuring distinctive products in a wide range of optional colours. Complementing their greenhouses is a vast array of optional accessories, allowing you to tailor your Elite greenhouse to be uniquely yours. Every Elite greenhouse, just like the very first one crafted over half a century ago, leaves the factory meticulously packaged and distributed with the same level of care. All components of Elite Greenhouses adhere to UK industry standards.



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            Delivery Areas:

            A delivery surcharge may apply to deliveries offshore or some remote parts of Scotland.  Please contact our Sales Team through our 'Contact Us' Section..


            Please Note: The dimensions listed for Elite greenhouses are considered 'nominal.' Nominal sizing is utilised solely for identification purposes and may not precisely align with the actual measurements of the product. For accurate dimensions, please refer to the metric measurements provided. If you are placing your greenhouse in a tight space you should consider the space for the integral gutter.

            Additions can be purchased as an optional extra.

            Product Name:
            8 x 8 Elite The Edge 800 Pent Greenhouse
            Building Type:
            Width (Door Side):
            Eaves Height (including base):
            1890 mm Yes (including Base)
            Ridge Height (including base):
            2790mm Yes (including Base)
            Greenhouse Frame Colours:
            Silver Aluminium, Berry, Black, Brown, Graphite, Green, Mocha, Navy, Olive, Stone, White,
            Horticultural Glass:
            Supplied with toughened glass as standard
            Toughened Glass:
            Integral Base:
            Integral Gutter:
            Double sliding door (you will need to specify the door location at the time of ordering)
            Door Height:
            Door Width:
            Drop Door with Low Entry Threshold :
            Door Handle:
            Door Lock:
            Yes (includes 2 keys)
            Manual Roof Vent(s):
            Option of Additional Manual Roof Vent(s):
            Automatic Roof Vent(s) Kit:
            Additional Automatic Roof Vent Kit(s):
            5 Blade Manual Louvre Vent(s):
            Additional Automatic Louvre Opener Kit (Suitable for 5 and 10 Blade):
            10 Blade Manual Louvre Vent(s):
            Crestings and Finials:
            Powder Coated Bar Capping:
            Supplied as standard
            Aluminium Diamond Shelf:
            Aluminium Diamond Staging:
            2 Tier Modular Staging:
            Optional (Please contact our Sales Team for prices)
            3 Tier Modular Staging:
            Optional (Please contact our Sales Team for prices)
            Rainwater Collection Kit (Standard):
            Rainwater Collection Kit (to one gutter):
            Water Barrel 100 Litre (excludes stand):
            Water Barrel 210 Litre (excludes stand):
            Water Barrel Stand:
            Grow Hooks:
            All Other Elite Greenhouse Accessories:
            Conforms to British Standards:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            Currently unavailable
            EAN Number:
            Currently unavailable
            Country of Origin:
            United Kingdom
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            The Edge 800 is a large Pent Roof Aluminium Greenhouse, boasting an impressive 8ft width and offering unlimited length options. The design utilises the Titan bar, widely considered one of the sturdiest frame options available in the UK for an aluminium greenhouse. Top features include:

            • Pent roof shape and maintenance-free design
            • 4mm Toughened safety glass
            • Integral base and gutters
            • Double doors with low threshold access
            • 5-blade louvre vent
            • 2 roof vents