8 x 8 Palram Canopia Grand Gardener Polycarbonate Greenhouse in Green

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8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - in situ, angle view, doors open
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - in situ, angle view, doors open
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - in situ, angle view, doors closed
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - isolated angle view
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - vents
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - door framing
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - door handle
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - padbolt
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - padbolt
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - framing
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - warranty
  • 8x8 Palram Canopia Rion Clear Grand Gardener Greenhouse - dimensions

8 x 8 Palram Canopia Grand Gardener Polycarbonate Greenhouse in Green

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            Discover the elegance and superior performance of the Palram-Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse, where sophisticated design meets garden innovation. This architectural marvel isn't just a greenhouse; it's a statement piece, a testament to style and functionality coexisting in perfect harmony.

            At first glance, the Grand Gardener Greenhouse captivates with its refined barn-style shape and stylish windowpane design, promising beauty even before your garden begins to bloom. Beyond its charm, this structure stands as a beacon of safety, built with a robust frame and ultra-safe polycarbonate panels. Its resilient, weather-resistant, and UV-protected extruded resin frame, complemented by aluminium roof profiles, offers exceptional insulation and enduring durability, ensuring a sanctuary for your plants in any weather.

            The greenhouse's crystal-clear polycarbonate sidewalls serve as windows to the soul of your garden. At the same time, the twin-wall roof panels expertly diffuse over 90% of sunlight, creating a soft, even ambience inside. The thoughtful design extends upwards, with a roof that grants generous headroom and abundant gardening space, inviting you to explore your horticultural passions without constraint.

            Functionality is at the forefront with expansive double doors, simplifying access for even the most substantial trays of plants. Inside, the atmosphere remains perfect for cultivation thanks to excellent ventilation from a strategically placed roof vent, which conserves essential warmth with closed doors.

            Moreover, the Grand Gardener Greenhouse understands that simplicity is paramount, offering a user-friendly pin-and-lock assembly process. It's the ideal solution for the devoted gardener who desires a blend of convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

            The greenhouse's UV protected resin frame rivals the strength and longevity of metal, while its rubber sealing strips provide enhanced insulation, creating a unique nurturing environment for various flora. Its capacity to withstand severe weather conditions — including substantial snow loads of 15.4 lbs/ft and high winds up to 56 mph — speaks volumes about its engineering.

            Furthermore, the inclusion of two different types of virtually unbreakable glazed polycarbonate panels guarantees balanced growing conditions. The twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels shield plants from harsh sunlight, and the crystal-clear wall panels allow over 90% light transmission. Temperature regulation is also efficiently managed with various roof vent options, ensuring your plants thrive comfortably.

            When setting up your horticultural haven, the Grand Gardener Greenhouse ensures a quick and easy DIY installation with its push-fit assembly, eliminating the need for specialised tools.

            In the Palram-Canopia Grand Gardener Greenhouse, you'll find more than just a structure; you'll discover a space where your gardening aspirations come to life. It's not just about growing plants; it's about cultivating a passion in a home as beautiful as the blooms it fosters.


            After Care - Maintenance free

            Amount of Light Transmission -  Walls 90% light transmission - roof panels 90% light transmission

            Roof Style - Barn Style

            Roof Vents - 1

            Lock - Handle and holder

            Wall Glazing - Clear polycarbonate

            Roof Glazing - Twin-wall polycarbonate

            Frame - Heavy-duty 100% UV-protected extruded resin frame 

            Snow Load -  90 kg/m² (15.4 lbs/ft) 

            About Your Order:

            Palram Canopia plastic garden buildings and polycarbonate greenhouses offer a hassle-free experience. A straightforward assembly experience is on offer, with all the necessary fixtures and fittings included to ensure a smooth set-up. You'll be pleased to know that there's no need for tools, making the assembly process even simpler. All products include comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you every step of the way.

            Please note: Images may depict furnishings and accessories; these are for illustration purposes only and are not included with your order. 

            Plastic Greenhouse Maintenance

            With its durable polycarbonate panels and heavy-duty resin frame, this product is expertly designed to be maintenance-free. The only upkeep you'll need to consider is the occasional cleaning, ensuring longevity and ease of use for years.

            About Palram

            Since its inception during the plastic boom of the mid-1960s, PALRAM has evolved into a leader in the thermoplastic industry through over 50 years of innovation and research. Palram - Canopia, a branch of the PALRAM Group, utilises these top-tier polycarbonate and acrylic panels to craft a diverse range of Polycarbonate Garden Structures. 

            With Palram-Canopia, bring the strength and sophistication of advanced materials into your garden. More than just expert producers of high-grade plastics, they are passionate creators of outstanding plastic garden buildings, including greenhouses, plastic sheds, patio covers and gazebos.



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            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Palram Polycarbonate Greenhouses are made from metric measurements. We would recommend that the base is at least 50mm bigger in each direction.

            Product Name:
            8 x 8 Palram Canopia Grand Gardener Polycarbonate Greenhouse in Green
            Colours Available:
            Exterior Width (Door Side):
            2.65m (8'8")
            Exterior Length:
            2.64m (8'8")
            Interior Width:
            2.44m (8'0")
            Interior Length:
            2.44m (8'0")
            Footprint Width:
            2.59m (8'7")
            Footprint Length:
            2.64m (8'8")
            Ridge Height:
            2.38m (7'10")
            Eaves Height:
            1.55m (6'1")
            Roof Type:
            Barn roof
            4mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels
            Extruded PVC Resin & Aluminium frame
            0.7mm crystal clear polycarbonate panels
            Extruded PVC Resin & Aluminium perimeter base
            1 manual opening roof vent
            Integrated Guttering:
            Low Threshold Entry:
            Double hinged door
            Door Height:
            1.92m (6'4")
            Door Width:
            1.18m (3'10")
            Door Lock:
            Lockable door handle
            Door Handle:
            Self-Assembly - no tools required
            Optional Assembly:
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            7 Year Defects and Workmanship Warranty
            Product Code:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            Palram Applications
            Country of Origin:
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            The Canopia Grand Gardener Polycarbonate Greenhouse is the perfect solution for growing vegetables year-round. The classic barn-style greenhouse design has a strong, heavy-duty resin frame and polycarbonate window panels. Top features include:

            • Maintenance free design
            • Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels
            • Heavy-duty 100% UV-protected resin frame with rubber sealing strips
            • Double door for easy access
            • Twin wall roof panels to diffuse sunlight
            • Clear wall panels provides over 90% light transmission