6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door

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6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door
  • 6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door
  • 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door - Metallic Quartz Grey
  • 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door - Metallic Dark Grey
  • 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door - Dimensions
  • 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door - Features
  • 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door - Accessories
Biohort - Metallic SilverBiohort - Metallic Quartz GreyBiohort - Metallic Dark Grey

6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door

NEW - Guarantee - 20 year - gold

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  • 6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door£1,689.00


            Some garden buildings solve a basic problem, but others - like those designed by Biohort - do so while making a statement in design. Whether you are hoping to find a garden shed that is in-keeping with your architecturally modern home, or want to bring some minimalism to your garden, this 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 shed with double doors does so in style.

            Choose the visual impression your AvantGarde has, with several possible shades for the metallic polyamide coating. Select the options for Silver, Quartz Grey, and Dark Grey when ordering through elbec.


            In terms of its features, the 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 delivers on many fronts. A brilliant organisational system is included with the standard model and easily integrates into the structure. This consists of two shelves on support rails, two tool holders that fit onto the doors, and four tool hangers that can hold larger tools like spades or rakes. These are straightforward to install once your AvantGarde has been put together, and open up the shed's potential for storing items in a tidy and subtle fashion.

            With your ease of use in mind, the Biohort AvantGarde has gutters already built into its roof that can be connected to a 5/4 inch hose – ideal for creating an irrigation system for watering plants that is sustainable. Whether you choose the option for a single or double door, gas-assisted spring dampers make using the shed's entrance an effortless and smooth experience. A three-way aluminium lock and key (spare included) safely secure any stored items.

            The build quality of the Biohort AvantGarde is quite remarkable, in contrast to the weaker materials and structural integrity of most sheds on the market. This superior strength is enabled by the use of the steel plate used throughout the AvantGarde, which has been dipped in molten zinc (galvanised) before having a polyamide enamel finish that gives the shed its smooth, metallic colour on the outside. The shed’s interior is grey-white to keep a light and airy atmosphere. Galvanised steel plate is used for many purposes in engineering, from vehicles to large buildings, and its impressive strength is why the AvantGarde can stand up to the wind speeds of extreme storms (successfully tested up to 93 mph) and take snow loads up to 150kg per square metre.

            Treating steel this way makes it extremely resilient against corrosion; unlike wooden sheds, the walls and roof of your AvantGarde will never rot, warp, split, catch fire, or need regular painting and treating. Enamelled steel plate remains colourful for many years and can even be cleaned by high-pressure cleaners.

            A floor is not included with this shed as standard, so for those customers concerned with making their interior entirely damp-proof, we recommend adding the Aluminium Floor Frame and panels accessories. More details on accessories are outlined below.


            To support the many uses the Biohort AvantGarde lends itself to well, a wide range of accessories are offered that broaden the shed's functions. Many customers are enthusiastic about the BikeMax Bicycle Holder, which allows you to save space when storing a bike by attaching it in a vertical position. Meanwhile, keen gardeners find that an extra Shelf Set or some Tool Hangers are a great way to open up possibilities when it comes to storing items like spades or compost bags. If you want to further increase the available light inside your AvantGarde or use the shed at dimmer times of the day, an LED Lighting unit brings clarity to the inside of your shed; it even features an optional motion sensor for a seamless transition to a brightly lit interior.

            Explore the full range of accessories prior to ordering your Biohort AvantGarde garden shed to make sure you don't miss out the ideal setup for your needs.

            Additional Details

            The extremely durable nature of the hot-dipped galvanised steel used by Biohort means that they have the confidence in their products to offer a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. This reassurance is almost unmatched across the garden building market, and speaks to the longevity of Biohort's products.

            Your Biohort AvantGarde will be delivered in a disassembled state, ready for assembly at home. We recommend putting your garden shed together with the help of a friend. Take your time in following the illustrated instruction manual to make certain your AvantGarde will live up to its full potential and provide weather-proof storage for many years to come.



            Booking Your Delivery

            After placing your order you will be contacted by email towards the end of the timescale by Biohort the manufacturer with general delivery information and a link to track your delivery. You will subsequently be contacted by the carrier with a delivery date and time for your order.

            Please Note: To be able to make the delivery to you, you will need to ensure that there is width clearance of 3 metres, and height clearance of 4 metres, and accessible for a 38-tonne vehicle to pass and turn. Should you require a smaller vehicle, you will need to inform elbec as soon as possible. Any delay in doing so could incur an additional charge.

            Upon Delivery
            Delivery is between 7am-7pm. Your order is delivered either kerbside or on your driveway. Unfortunately, due to insurance liabilities regarding health and safety, the driver will be not able to take your goods through to the back of your property but may be requested to place the product at the side of the house if there are no access issues. We would not risk damaging your property while delivering a product to an unsafe location. We will not be able to go through your property.

            It is important that the customer notes any damage to any of the boxes upon delivery on the delivery documents in case any of the parts inside are damaged.

            Installation Option

            PLEASE NOTE: The following postal codes incur an installation surcharge.  Please contact elbec for charges:  KW1-14, IV1-40, IV52-54, AB10-16, AB21-25, AB30-45, AB51-56, AB99, DD1-DD11, PH1-41, PH49-50. PA1-38, PA80, TR1-27, TQ1-14, PL1-35, PL95.

            If you would like to have this product installed by our manufacturer's assembly team, please contact us for a price using the 'Contact Us' link here.  Installation may take up to three weeks from the date of delivery.

            We do not offer installation ONLY to the following postal codes: KW15-17, IV41-49, IV51,55,56,63, PH42-44, KA27-28, PA41-49, PA60-78, HS1-9, ZE1-3, BT, IM, LL58-77, PO30-41


            Product Name:
            6 x 7 (1.80m x 2.20m) Biohort AvantGarde A1 Metal Shed - Double Door
            Colour(s) Available:
            Metallic Silver, Metallic Quartz Grey, Metallic Dark Grey
            Exterior Width:
            180cm (5'11")
            Exterior Length:
            220cm (7'2")
            Interior Width:
            172cm (5'8")
            Interior Length:
            172cm (5'8")
            Footprint/Foundation Width:
            177cm (5'9")
            Footprint/Foundation Length:
            177cm (5'9")
            Ridge Height:
            218cm (7'2")
            Eaves Height:
            193cm (6'4")
            Hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide coated steel plate
            Panel Thickness:
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            20-year anti-corrosion guarantee
            Roof Type:
            Floor Included:
            × - Optional
            Door Type:
            Door Positioning:
            Front Width
            Door Height:
            182cm (5'11")
            Door Width:
            144cm (4'8")
            Door Lock System:
            3 Way locking mechanism with gas-assisted, twist grip cylinder lock
            Door Fitted with Gas Assisted Spring Damper:
            Window Material:
            Acrylic Glass
            Window/Door Panel(s) Interchangeable:
            Fire Resistant:
            Rust Resistant:
            Snow Load Capacity:
            50 kg/m2
            Stormproof Capacity:
            150 km/h wind force 12
            Self Assembly
            Optional Assembly:
            EAN Number:
            9003414150195 - Metallic Silver
            9003414190191 - Metallic Quartz Grey

            9003414170193 - Metallic Dark Grey
            Biohort GmbH
            Country of Origin:
            Integrated Roof Gutter:
            Shelf Set (incld 2 support rails):
            - Extra can be purchased
            Corner Shelf Set (triangular):
            Shelf 61 x 43cm (2 piece):
            Large Shelves:
            Shelf Support Rails:
            Optional (Note: Shelf Rails are already supplied as standard as part of the Shelf and Shelf Rail Set. This option is for additional shelf support rails)
            Tool Hanger(s) (4 piece):
            - Extra can be purchased
            2 Tool Holder(s):
            - Extra can be purchased
            Hook Set:
            Integrated Organiser System for Door (incl 6 hooks):
            Wind Hooks:
            Rain Water Downpipe:
            Bicycle Hanger "bikeMax":
            Bicycle Holder Set "BikeHolder":
            Window Unit:
            Electrical Mounting Panel:
            LED Lighting:
            Folding Table:
            Suspension Basket:
            Side Canopy:
            Side Wall for Side Canopy:
            Back Wall for Side Canopy:
            Threshold Access Ramp:
            Ground Screw Foundation:
            Drill Bit:
            Aluminium Floor Frame:
            Aluminium Floor Panel:
            Convert Single Door to Double Door:
            Convert Double Door to Extra Wide Double Door:
            Additional Single Side Door:
            Additional Double Side Door:
            Additional Extra Wide Side Double Door:
            Door Hinged on the Left-Hand Side:
            Shed Extension:
            Mounting Brackets (2 piece) for Wall Attachment:
            Cleaning Products:
            Click to View Alternative Sizes:
            Model x Width x Length (all sizes are available with a single and double door):
            Size A1 - 180cm x 220cm

            Size A2 - 180cm x 260cm

            Size A3 - 180cm x 300cm

            Size A4 - 180cm x 380cm

            Size A5 - 260cm x 220cm

            Size A6 - 260cm x 260cm

            Size A7 - 260cm x 300cm

            Size A8 - 260cm x 380cm


            A 6 x 7 Biohort AvantGarde A1 garden shed with double doors is perfect for those who want a metal shed that pushes the envelope of contemporary garden architecture, while offering a secure and weather-proof storage space that is unmatched in quality. Key features include:

            • Stunning skylight with crystal clear acrylic glazing is placed beneath the pent roof's overhang
            • Slim double door option for easier access
            • Well-engineered galvanised steel panels with a polyamide coating
            • Secure items behind a set of double doors, thanks to a 3-way locking mechanism with a spare key included

            Key Features

            • Hot-dip galvanised steel plate with polyamide enamel finish
            • Stainless steel door handle houses a 3-way locking system using standard cylinder lock (spare key included)
            • Stainless steel screws and hinges
            • Withstands the force of extreme weather (wind force 12 on the Beaufort scale, and 150kg of snow per square metre)
            • Easily attach a water butt setup to built-in guttering system for sustainable irrigation
            • Organisation system integrated, including shelves and tool hangers
            • Maintenance free structure with a finish that will stay colourful and can be pressure-washed
            • 20-year guarantee from the manufacturer so you can take your mind off corrosion
            • Exciting range of accessories add even more uses to your AvantGarde metal shed
            • Floor not included as standard
            • FREE UK mainland delivery
            • Gas-assisted spring dampers for an easy time using the double doors
            • Acrylic fanlight that allows light through its crystal clear surface
            • Comes in a range of sizes and colours – call our sales team to find out more
            • Grey-white interior using same polyamide coating process as exterior