8 x 12 (2.44m x 3.65m) Palram - Canopia Balance Greenhouse - Silver


Product code - 121011027


Description Information

The Palram 8x12 Balance Silver greenhouse is a high-quality garden building, glazed with durable polycarbonate slotted into an extra thick aluminium frame. Its large interior is welcomed by many gardeners who want to be certain they have room for vegetable patches to thrive. Some key features include:

  • Two upper vents that can be opened, reducing the build-up of any excess humidity and heat
  • Wide double doors with a low threshold doorway allow for easy access
  • Balance is created by two different styles of polycarbonate, with a 'frosted' style glazing for the upper panels that diffuse and soften the impact of bright sunlight
  • Side panels consist of clear polycarbonate that does not cloud or discolour over the years

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