Top Garden Structures For Entertaining Outdoors

Top Garden Structures For Entertaining Outdoors

There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors, however, nothing is more pleasant or rewarding than finding your perfect garden structure for entertaining. 

In this article, we explore our top elbec garden buildings garden structures for entertaining so you can choose the right one for you and your next garden project!

The Benefits Of Garden Structures 

Garden structures are ideal for hosting gatherings with family, friends, or work colleagues as they can have a significant impact whilst offering solutions for all types of gardens and patios.

The benefits of wooden garden structures include the following:

  • providing shelter from the sun or unexpected rain showers
  • providing a space where you can serve drinks or food
  • enhancing or creating additional seating

For instance, you might want a garden bar to sit by your lawn, patio, deck, or outdoor pool. Or you may want a pergola under which you can place a table and chairs or stand-alone seating where a few guests can retreat, converse, and unwind.

So, whatever your garden's shape, form, and size, or the entertainment you envision, we have a few garden structures ideas that we think you’ll love!

Garden Bars

When it comes to entertaining family or friends, garden bars can transform the whole experience, delivering convenience and function, not to mention a dose of envy! 

The 6 x 3 Forest Shiplap Pent Garden Bar

For example, our 6 x 3 Forest Shiplap Pent Garden Bar is the perfect addition to your garden all year round.

Outdoor bars are the perfect small garden structures that come in many styles, colours, sizes, and materials. If you want to find out more, we have a great blog on Garden Bar Trends for this summer.

6 x 4 Shite Garden Bar And Store

Next, our 6 x 4 Shite Garden Bar And Store is a practical and fun purchase that will bring your garden to life!

A garden bar like this allows you to serve drinks and refreshments like a pro while creating a hub for gathering and conversation. Standing by a lawn or patio, it also creates a safe place to store bottles, glasses, plates, and many other utensils and accessories, right where you need them.

Many models in our timber outdoor bar range feature a ten-year anti-rot guarantee, roof overhangs, bar doors, and hinged or removable shutters. 


Whenever you’re seeking ideas for new garden structures, pergolas are an excellent option to encourage vertical interest. 

13 x 11 Siena Pergola With Canopy

A great example of a wooden garden structure is our 13 x 11 Siena Pergola With Canopy, perfect for sheltering you and your guests at your next gathering from sun, rain or wind! 

The purpose of a pergola is to install a structure that supports climbing plants that grow upwards, often climbing up the posts before creating a natural canopy. With such a garden structure, you have a wonderful visual attraction where you can also sit and enjoy the outdoors.

However, growing plants up a pergola is not a must or a requirement for creating shade. Our Siena Pergola With Canopy follows the traditional route, with the bonus of a canopy that extends and retracts so you can enjoy sitting in the sunshine on cooler days and instantly create a shady spot when the thermometer rises

Forest Radial Pergola

Another great example is our Forest Radial Pergola, perfect for creating a garden focal point, a shaded area to relax under or even a charming spot to dine al fresco.

Garden structure designs can break free from rigid square or rectangular borders and create a natural focal point. If you have visions of al-fresco dining, the Forest Radial Pergola is a structure where you can throw down a garden blanket or place a small table and chairs. The form works great in a garden corner, but if you have more room, you can link more than one 90-degree pergola, creating a 180, 270, or 360-degree space!

Garden Seating

Many stunning garden seating solutions are perfect for reading or enjoying another favourite pastime. 

Dartmouth Swing Seat

For example, in our Dartmouth Swing Seat, you can create pleasant moments amongst your garden’s greenery, blooms, and birdsongs. The garden swing has an open oriental-style roof, lattice sides, and a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

5 x 1'9 Forest Modular Wooden Garden Seating Set Number 1

Next, our 5 x 1'9 Forest Modular Wooden Garden Seating Set Number 1 is a great option for those with limited garden space.

It is a modern and natural garden structure comprised of trellis panels, a wide bench, and a square planter for flowers or herbs so you can enjoy their wonderful aromas. Even more, the smooth-planed timber is pressure treated for longevity, backed up with a 15-years anti-rot guarantee!

Forest Firenze Corner Garden Arbour Seat


And last but not least, our Forest Firenze Corner Garden Arbour Seat is meant to bring any garden to life with its striking modern design and ample space for socialising and making memories.

This is a beautifully designed modern twist on arbours, where you can create special moments for up to four seated people.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the right garden structures can make entertaining outdoors even more pleasant for hosts and visitors. And you don’t need a large garden to make a big impact, but you need the right elements!

Do you need more help and ideas for transforming your garden into an outdoor entertaining space? Then contacts us, and our experienced and friendly team will gladly help!

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Posted by Marilyn Elliott
23rd June 2023

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