Floor and roof felt included with all wooden buildings

The aim of our website is to make shopping easy and transparent with no hidden extras, that is why you will find that all our wooden buildings come with a floor and roofing felt as standard and not as an optional extra. This means that you’ll see the full price at a glance and not when you get to the checkout.

Wooden Sheds: Within our entry level ‘Pricewise’ range you will find the floor used is Solid Sheet, within our ‘Popular’ range there is a mixture of Tongue an d Groove and Solid Sheet within our ‘Professional’ range all buildings are supplied with Tongue and Groove and some even have 20mm thick floors. All are supplied with roofing felt.

Log Cabins: All our log cabins are supplied with a tongue and groove floor (excepting our Bradenham and Bere) with 28mm log cabins they are supplied with 14mm tongue and groove floors and on our 34mm, 44mm and 70mm log cabins these are all supplied with a 19mm tongue and groove floor. All our log cabins are supplied with heavy duty roofing felt.