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Jungle Gym Climbing Frames are a great diy project... Kids love adventures, so imagine how good your children's adventures could be with a Jungle Gym. Strong, safe and filled with imaginative tasks and toys, your children can have hours of fun with siblings and friends in the fresh outdoor air and getting some exercise, instead of being stuck on the console inside the house. Offering many different Jungle Gyms, lots of modules and accessories, that will grow with your children. Personalise your tower with the many mix and match optional modules and accessories to your Jungle Gym Climbing Frame to suit your desires (or should we say your kids).

All the timber is included and pre-cut to the correct length on the Jungle Gyms planed and the edges rounded off, so you don't worry about nasty splinters or sharp edges. Also all the timber is pressure impregnated with treatment to prevent rot and fungal growth. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your kids are safe on their Jungle Gym.


What is included in the price of the Jungle Gym Cubby Tower

  • Jungle Gym Cubby Tower's Timber is pre-cut, planed, edges are rounded off and are pressure impregnated with treatment for a longer life
  • 2.6m Slide (yellow, blue, green, red or pink) - includes the option to attach the garden hose to turn your slide in to a waterslide (hose not included)
  • Climbing Rocks Wall
  • Steering Wheel 
  • Sandbox and ground cover for sandbox
  • Ladder
  • Metal ladder rungs
  • Ground anchors
  • Handgrips
  • Slide bumper pad
  • Hardware
  • Bolt caps
  • Metal brackets
  • Tool Set
  • Cat stop
  • Jungle Flag, Jungle Banner & Juggling cards
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Features & Benefits

  • Strong & Safe
  • Timber is pre-cut, planed, edges are rounded off and are pressure impregnated with treatment
  • Simple To Construct and comes with clear instructions
  • Pressure Treated timber for a longer life
  • Optional modules to add to your play tower (see gallery below)
  • Optional swings (see gallery below)
  • Optional accessories (see gallery below)
  • 10 Year anti-rot and anti-infestation guarantee on the timber
  • Corresponds to EN 71-1. & 8 for domestic and family use only
  • For more information on the great selection of jungle gyms, magnificent modules or amazing accessories then scroll down this page to find out more. Colours and specifications may differ from those shown. Also please note that some accessories come as standard with your Jungle Gym Climbing Frame.

    Please note: Prices given for accessories and modules apply only when ordered with the main unit. If you would like to order accessories or modules separately please contact our customer care team on Freephone 0800 019 3865 or email [email protected] for a quote.

    About Jungle Gym

    Since 1988 Jungle Gym has designed domestic wooden playground equipment and it is known for its safety, durability and eye for detail. They have a team of qualified designers who work with a strict safety-first policy. Jungle Gym is the leader in Europe for wooden climbing frames.


    Product Name: Jungle Gym Cubby Climbing Frame
    Depth (including Slide)420cm
    Width: 150cm
    Height (including ridge): 300cm
    Platform 1 (Width x Dept): 130cm x 50cm
    Platform 2 (Width x Dept): 90cm x 110cm

    A Step by Step Guide to help you choose your Jungle Gym play equipment.

    Our Jungle Gym range allows you to have the option of either just a 'Tower' or a 'Tower with one or more Modules' and Accessories attached. Please note that your tower does comes with some accessories as standard - refer to the section 'What is included in the price of the Jungle Gym Cubby Tower'

    Step 1 Slide Colour:
    First of all Select the colour of your Slide (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red or Pink).

    Step 2 Modules: (Optional)
    You may extend the tower by adding one or more of the following 'Modules - Swing Module, Swing Module Xtra (2 swings are included as standard with this module), Climb Module, Climb Module Xtra (1 swing is included as standard with this module) Bridge Module, Mini Market Module, Playhouse Module, Balcony Module, Bridge Link and/or Net Link.

    No Swing Seats can be fitted to the Bridge Module.

    Note: If you choose to add a module, please ensure that you take in to account the number of modules, their positioning, the proximity of other modules/accessories in particular swings and the access areas for the modules. If you are unsure please contact us on 0800 019 3865 or e-mail us at [email protected].

    Step 3 Swings: (Optional)
    If choosing either the Swing Module or Climb Module you can now add a choice of swings - Baby Swing, Swing Seat, Sling Swing, 2 Seater Swing, Chimp Ladder, Monkey Bar, Ring Trapeze or Twist Disk.

    Note - You can have a maximum of 2 swings on the Swing Module and 1 swing on the Climb Module. Also when choosing a swing seat option our prices includes the ropes and swing hooks.

    Step 3 Accessories: (Optional)
    You can choose any 'Accessories' you may wish to add to your tower - Rock Wall, Rope Ladder, 1 Step Ladder, Climbing Rope, Fireman's Pole, Noughts and Crosses, Pulley and Bucket, Talking Tube, Steering Wheel, Fun Phone, Staroscope and Peekoscope.

    Please note: The Jungle Gym Cubby Climbing Frame has the following Accessories included as standard: Climbing Rocks Wall and Steering Wheel.

    Jungle Gym Galleries

    The Galleries below show the optional extras available with the Jungle Gym Cubby Tower. Click on the small image to see the larger image and information.


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    Jungle Gym Cubby Climbing Frame

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    This range of Climbing Frames from Jungle Gym is ideal for any most size gardens. Europe's No 1 for wooden climbing frames. With one of the widest selections of accessories which you can also choose to add to at a later date. Free UK Mainland deli

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    Bucket Module £42.00
    Talking Tube£41.00
    Staroscope - OUR OF STOCK IN STOCK DATE TBC£16.00
    Fun Phone£16.00
    Tic Tac Toe Module £59.00

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