A range of affordable garden and domestic structures constructed with aluminium frames and strong polycarbonate glazing. With a choice of designs that come in many sizes and finishes, Palram's greenhouses, gazebos, canopies and carports offer impressive value for money while meeting the needs of many different kinds of customer.

The Palram 6x10 Mythos Silver greenhouse is a more spacious option for those aiming to branch out in their gardening projects. It offers an impressive amount of space at an affordable cost, and still manages to include features enjoyed elsewhere in the Palram range:

  • Each and every wall and roof panel features frosted twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that is easy to assemble and virtually impossible to shatter
  • An aluminium frame, robust and rust-free to ensure the Mythos Silver's longevity
  • Lockable single hinged door (simply add your own padlock)
  • Keep door open in breezy weather with a magnetic door catch
ONLY £372.95
Save £64.70
Was £437.65

The Palram 6x8 Harmony Grey is a handy and attractive addition to any home garden where growing projects are about to take off. Hobby gardeners appreciate the excellent construction materials of this range, a greenhouse packed full of great features:

  • Walls feature fully transparent polycarbonate glazing that is resistant to shattering 
  • Roof panels also consist of an identical, clear glazing
  • Galvanised steel perimeter base and sturdy aluminium frame, both in an elegant shade of deep grey
  • A balance of space for growing and a modest footprint that suits many gardens
ONLY £437.95
Save £74.52
Was £512.47

The Palram Hybrid 6x4 in Silver is an excellent choice for anyone on the hunt for a practical and well-built greenhouse within a tighter budget. Great features and a small footprint prove to be the perfect recipe for a handy greenhouse that won't make a huge dent in your available garden space – or your wallet. Features include:

  • Two polycarbonate panel types, with crystal clear glazing used the for walls
  • Frosted style panels with light-diffusing qualities used throughout the roof
  • Requires little maintenance, thanks to rust-free aluminium frame and glazing that does not shatter or cloud up over time
  • Lockable by padlock for added security (padlock not included)
ONLY £277.95
Save £48.17
Was £326.12

The 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey uses a mixed style of polycarbonate glazing, providing gardeners with the perfectly balanced environment they need to grow plants. Key features include:

  • Twin-wall roof glazing helps to soften potentially damaging sunlight
  • Transparent polycarbonate wall panels let you enjoys plants in all their glory
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee as standard
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame with a subtle grey finish
ONLY £359.00
Save £63.12
Was £422.12

The Palram Victory Orangery Garden Chalet is a garden greenhouse that goes the extra mile, in its novel design and potential for more extravagant gardening projects. Some of the Victory's finest qualities are as follows:

  • 'T'-shaped design, with echoes of Victorian splendour 
  • Walls that feature clear and almost unbreakable polycarbonate glazing that does not shatter or discolour over the years
  • A frosted style twin-wall glazing used in the roof panels for balanced light diffusion 
  • Spacious interior for fruit trees, flower baskets, plants with tall stems, and much more
ONLY £1,289.95
Save £224.87
Was £1,514.82

The Palram 12ft Oasis is a greenhouse with an interior space just as pleasant to sit inside with a cold drink as it is to grow plants. A hexagonal structure and heightened roof make the spacious 12ft Oasis a garden building of leisure as well as horticulture. Some of its most exciting features include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminium frame with a refined grey finish applied by durable powder coating
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels for the soft diffusion of light, and clear glazing for the sides – ideal for stunning views of your surroundings
  • Clear polycarbonate walls that encourage the owner to create picturesque displays of flowers or trellised plants within the hexagonal design
  • Two stylish louvre vents provide an easy way to manually increase ventilation or produce a through-draught 
ONLY £2,081.52


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The Palram 6x10 Harmony Green greenhouse is a handsome addition to any garden, with a roomy interior space that gardeners will make great use of when it comes to growing delicious organic vegetables or elegant flower baskets. Some key features include:

  • Full light transmission via crystalline polycarbonate glazing to aid plant growth
  • This glazing features in walls and roof panels alike
  • A robust aluminium frame and a galvanised steel base, both finished in a traditional looking green powder-coating
  • Add your own padlock to lock the single door and secure your greenhouse
ONLY £489.95
Save £83.23
Was £573.18

The Palram 6x10 Harmony Grey greenhouse is wise choice for hobby horticulturalists on a mission, with a spacious interior and some captivating features, which include:

  • Both roof and wall panels feature fully transparent glazing
  • This polycarbonate glazing has shatter-resistant qualities and exceptional durability
  • A darkly elegant grey finish to the aluminium frame and galvanised steel base
  • Handy features like a lockable handle (padlock not included) and magnetised door catch
ONLY £489.95
Save £83.23
Was £573.18

The Palram 6x10 Harmony Silver greenhouse is a well-built structure, with few frills but plenty of space to achieve your horticultural dreams. Some key features include:

  • Clear polycarbonate wall panels offer exceptional durability and safety with identical transparent glazing used in the greenhouse’s roof
  • Aluminium frame for a robust, rust-free experience
  • Feel secure with a five-year warranty offered by the manufacturer for no additional charge
  • Smart features, like a magnetised door catch and lockable handle (padlock not included)
ONLY £434.95
Save £74.70
Was £509.65

The Palram 6x10 Mythos Grey is a roomy and reasonably priced greenhouse, perfect for gardeners looking for a larger space to bring their horticultural plans to fruition. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Misted look polycarbonate glazing in greenhouse roof panels
  • The same translucent material features in every wall panel too, for fantastic sun diffusion and uniformity of interior temperatures
  • One upper vent for manual control over the greenhouse's interior climate
  • A deep grey finish on the frame and base that looks sharp and is highly versatile in many garden settings
ONLY £459.95
Save £76.52
Was £536.47

The Palram 6x14 Harmony Silver greenhouse is a clear polycarbonate greenhouse with an airy interior, thanks to an extended 6x14 footprint for all the space a gardener could need to get growing. Some key features include:

  • Walls use transparent polycarbonate glazing will stay clear in coming years 
  • Roof panels feature the same clear, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate 
  • A rigid aluminium frame holds glazing in place
  • Two roof vents that can be manually opened for improved ventilation in your growing area
ONLY £559.99
Save £80.95
Was £640.94

The Palram 6x4 Harmony Green is a fantastic greenhouse for gardening enthusiasts who want the essential features of a well-built greenhouse, within a realistic budget. This model brings an additional touch of character to your garden with a powder-coated aluminium frame with a beguiling green finish.

  • Roof features fully transparent glazing made from resilient and UV ray-protecting polycarbonate
  • This same material is brought to the wall panels for a clear appearance
  • A classic greenhouse design that ensures a much-improved quality of environment for nurturing plants
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer for no extra charge
ONLY £344.95
Save £61.64
Was £406.59

The Palram 6x4 Harmony in Silver is a no nonsense, affordable greenhouse that looks pristine with its aluminium frame and transparent glazing. Its smaller structure is home to a number of quality features, including:

  • Walls feature clear polycarbonate panels that maximise light transmission and bring clarity to your garden projects
  • This same transparent polycarbonate technology is used in the roof
  • Anti-rust aluminium framing that will keep its attractive silver finish over the years
  • A five-year warranty offered by Palram, so that you can focus on growing that organic fruit and vegetables without a worry in the world
ONLY £299.95
Save £54.40
Was £354.35

The Palram 6x4 Mythos Green greenhouse is a charming garden building with a small footprint, and offers incredible value at its price range. But despite the appealing price tag, the Mythos has a range of features that any gardener new to the world of greenhouses will not want to overlook:

  • Frosted style glazing on both upper and side panels
  • An insulated environment produced by twin-wall polycarbonate glazing, which diffuses sunlight and blocks UV rays 
  • A hearty green finish to the aluminium frame, which is robust and rust-free
  • The five-year warranty promised for every greenhouse in Palram's range thanks to some robust construction materials
ONLY £305.00
Save £45.12
Was £350.12

The Palram 6x4 Mythos Greenhouse in Silver is a compact and affordable answer to higher priced models, and boasts a range of great features in its tried and tested design. These include:

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that insulates your plants from frost in winter, and diffuses potentially damaging light in summer
  • An excellent build quality with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer to back it up
  • Sturdy galvanised steel perimeter base that makes certain the greenhouse is structurally sound
  • A manual vent window included, to alter temperature and humidity as desired
ONLY £264.00
Save £39.53
Was £303.53

The Palram 6x6 Harmony Green is a smaller yet charming greenhouse with a sturdy aluminium frame and crystalline polycarbonate glazing that is highly durable. These features and more are why this greenhouse is a popular addition to bustling gardens in urban areas. 

  • Transparent polycarbonate-glazed wall panels
  • An identical glazing for the roof, ensuring the uniform spread of harsh sunlight
  • A green finish that brings vibrancy to gardens and is applied to aluminium with powder coating process for great durability Protect plants through the winter frost with the elevated temperature created by a greenhouse
ONLY £389.95
Save £66.05
Was £456.00

The Palram 6x6 Harmony Grey greenhouse has all the bells and whistles home gardeners need to set their green fingers to work, at an affordable price. This model comes in with a deep grey frame that contrasts the transparent glazing and can look stunning when placed in the right spot. Take a look at our favourite aspects of the 6x6 Harmony, and uncover more details about the greenhouse in the description tab below:

Excellent light transmission via crystal clear polycarbonate glazing on wall panels

Roof panel feature the same excellent glazing

Powder-coated aluminium frame in a versatile Grey, with options for Green or natural aluminium Silver colours also available

Nice-to-have features like a lockable door handle (padlock ready) and magnetic door catch

ONLY £399.53
Save £56.47
Was £456.00

The Palram 6x6 Harmony Silver greenhouse is an economically priced greenhouse with fully transparent polycarbonate glazing and a strong aluminium frame. It is impressive how far Palram will stretch your budget with a greenhouse that has everything hobby gardeners need to start growing organic fruit and vegetables. Some features include:

  • Transparent walls and roof panels
  • Unsurpassed light transmission through clear polycarbonate glazing that is highly durable 
  • Alter the greenhouse climate with an upper vent that can be opened
  • Five years of reassurance via a manufacturer warranty included as standard
ONLY £344.95
Save £61.64
Was £406.59

The Palram 6x6 Hybrid Green greenhouse uses two styles of polycarbonate glazing to establish a balanced temperature that plants thrive on. Any gardener working with limited space should take notice of the 6x6 Hybrid's smart design features and low price. Some important facts you should know about this greenhouse:

  • Clear glazing in walls allows for plenty of light to enter the greenhouse
  • Meanwhile frosted style glazing used in the roof panels mitigates the worst of harsh sunlight
  • Assemble at home, with parts appropriately cut to size and pre-drilled
  • Add your own padlock to easily secure the greenhouse when storing items
ONLY £359.00
Save £63.12
Was £422.12

The Palram 6x6 Hybrid Silver is a modestly sized greenhouse that delivers well on a tight budget thanks to a great range of features. Some of these include:

  • Frosted polycarbonate glazing used in the roof panels to disperse the harshest sunlight
  • Clear glazing utilised for each of the sides, creating balance and beauty inside your greenhouse
  • Added security possibilities with door handle that can be locked by padlock (not included)
  • Rust-free and sturdy aluminium frame used throughout
ONLY £319.95
Save £56.99
Was £376.94

The Palram 6x6 Mythos Green is a compact yet high-quality polycarbonate greenhouse with frosted glazing. Contained in its modest structure are some truly impressive features for a greenhouse in its price range. These features include:

  • Semi-transparent polycarbonate glazing used in walls and roof panels 
  • Frosted glazing is responsible for softly diffusing sunlight, creating a more harmonious growing space
  • Five years of warranty backed up by the manufacturer, for no additional cost
  • Upper vent that can be manually opened with ease to maximise air circulation
ONLY £339.00
Save £52.06
Was £391.06

The Palram 6x6 Mythos Grey greenhouse is a compact aluminium greenhouse, with frosted style glazing that diffuses sunlight to produce a more consistent temperature for your plants. Any hobby gardener ought to consider the Mythos and its impressive list of features:

  • Frosted glazing in both the roof and wall panels
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing for added sunlight diffusion and improved insulation
  • Accessorise with Palram's exciting range of equipment, like Two Tier Staging and the Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Five-year warranty provided by the manufacturer for no extra cost
ONLY £332.95
Save £58.11
Was £391.06

The Palram 6x6 Mythos Silver greenhouse is an ideal purchase for those who want a compact yet sturdy greenhouse for a reasonable price. A tried and tested design philosophy houses some great features you will not want to miss, such as:

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing used for the roof, with sun-diffusing and insulating properties
  • The same fantastic glazing is utilised in all wall panels too
  • Excellent quality of materials backed up by a five-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Single door can be locked by padlock (not included)
ONLY £299.95
Save £50.17
Was £350.12

The Palram 6x8 Harmony Green is the greenhouse of choice for many green-fingered hobbyists branching out into greenhouse gardening for the first time. Durable polycarbonate and an aluminium frame that comes in a cheery shade of green are only some of the great features displayed in this Palram Harmony:

  • A roof that offers incredible light transmission through clear polycarbonate glazing that will not turn opaque or yellow after years of sunlight
  • The same clear glazing is utilised in the walls
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer, supporting a high quality of construction
  • Roomy interior for growing, while retaining a 6ft width that is ideal for domestic spaces
ONLY £448.94
Save £63.53
Was £512.47

The Palram 6x8 Harmony Silver greenhouse is a reasonably priced structure with a versatile interior space that lets your homegrown vegetables and fruits flourish. This is a traditional apex roof greenhouse with an approach to design that is tried and tested.

  • Impressive light transmission via clear polycarbonate glazing in roof panels
  • All side panels feature an identical transparent glazing
  • 6ft width for straightforward placement in home gardens
  • Increased length for a more spacious interior that is preferable for garden projects
ONLY £368.00
Save £75.29
Was £443.29

The Palram 6x8 Hybrid Green greenhouse takes the quintessential domestic greenhouse and develops it further, with combined glazing styles and many outstanding features. Some of these include the following:

  • A durable green finish to aluminium frame and galvanised steel base
  • Polycarbonate glazing in two styles – frosted upper panels for sunlight diffusion 
  • Crystalline side panels that will never discolour or cloud over the years
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty included for no extra cost
ONLY £416.47
Save £59.29
Was £475.76

The Palram 6x8 Hybrid Silver greenhouse is a robust choice for gardeners that offers plenty of space to grow plants for an appealing price. An aluminium frame gives the Hybrid a sturdy structure, and two styles of polycarbonate provide a balanced growing environment. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Free UK mainland delivery and a five-year manufacturer warranty included as standard
  • Maintenance-free structure, thanks to an aluminium frame and glazing that will not opacify or discolour over time
  • Two polycarbonate glazing styles – crystal clear for the walls 
  • Frosted upper panels that diffuses light and moderates the greenhouse climate
ONLY £349.00
Save £60.41
Was £409.41

The Palram 6x8 Mythos Green greenhouse comes in a shade of green that brings charm to any garden. This size is a great opportunity for customers to have a roomy yet not overbearing interior space, created with highly durable construction materials seldom seen in this price range. Some key features of the Mythos include:

  • Frosted style glazing in all panels – both roof and walls 
  • Translucent twin-wall glazing for increased insulation and sun diffusion
  • Compact width with hinged single door, for easy placement in home gardens
  • Robust, powder-coated aluminium frame that will stand the test of time
ONLY £379.95
Save £66.17
Was £446.12

The Palram 6x8 Mythos Grey greenhouse has an aura of the contemporary about it, thanks to the refined grey colour of the durable powder-coated finish applied to its strong aluminium frame. Enjoy a prudent choice of high quality materials in this hobbyist garden greenhouse. Key features include:

  • Shatter resistant, twin-wall polycarbonate glazing for a frosted style greenhouse that is immensely durable 
  • This frosted glazing is used for both the roof and walls
  • Five years of warranty from the manufacturer to reassure any concerned gardener
  • Grow organic fruit and vegetables in a high-quality greenhouse with a climate regulated by excellent materials
ONLY £379.95
Save £66.17
Was £446.12

The Palram 6x8 Mythos Silver is a reliable greenhouse with frosted polycarbonate glazing. Its size makes it the perfect way for a hobby gardener to use a neglected corner of their garden for growing projects. Our favourite features of the Mythos include:

  • Nearly unbreakable frosted style glazing in the roof panels, housed in a strong aluminium frame
  • An identical glazing features in the greenhouse walls, helping disperse harsh sunlight for a well-moderated interior climate
  • One upper vent that can be opened
  • A five-year limited warranty from the manufacturer as standard
ONLY £320.68
Save £60.50
Was £381.18

The Palram 6x8 Glory greenhouse sets the new benchmark for the garden greenhouse, with high quality materials and impressive features comparable to commercial-spec gardening buildings. You will be amazed to find the following features are included as standard with every Glory greenhouse:

  • Extra thick aluminium framing, finished in anthracite grey with a durable powder coating
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that is translucent to spread sunlight more evenly throughout your greenhouse
  • Automatic vent opener to regulate internal conditions with no effort
  • Side louvre vent for additional ventilation 
ONLY £1,393.99

The Palram 8x12 Glory greenhouse provides the features and build quality of premium greenhouses, with its reinforced aluminium structure, galvanised steel base, and strong 10mm polycarbonate glazing. Some of its unmissable features include: 

  • Two automatically-opening upper vents and a louvre side vent for an interior climate that is easy to regulate
  • 10mm semi-transparent polycarbonate glazing that is highly resistant to impact and has remarkable longevity
  • This frosted style glazing is used in every panel, including the walls and roof
  • Additional ventilation with an elegantly subtle louvre vent on the greenhouse's side
ONLY £1,659.95
Save £281.23
Was £1,941.18

The Palram 8x12 Bella Silver greenhouse is a visually stunning garden building, with a bell-shaped structure that offers improved wind resistance alongside its looks. Some key features of this range include:

  • A unique design that makes the most of polycarbonate's flexible nature 
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing is long-lasting and hard to damage
  • This semi-transparent glazing is used in both the roof and wall panels 
  • Two upper vents that allow the entry of cool air when manually opened, helping moderate your greenhouse environment
ONLY £989.95
Save £169.11
Was £1,159.06

The Palram 8x12 Balance Green greenhouse is a highly capable garden building, with tonnes of room for larger vegetable beds or trellising. A selection of durable materials make up its construction, backed up by a five year warranty from the manufacturer. Key features of this Palram Balance include:

  • Low threshold double doors that be locked by padlock (not included) or kept open with magnetised catches
  • Misted twin-wall polycarbonate glazing for upper panels, that diffuses sunlight to give plants a more rounded input of sunlight
  • Clear glazing features on all side panels 
  • Two upper vents that can be opened for ventilation
ONLY £939.99
Save £140.01
Was £1,080.00

The Palram 8x12 Balance Silver greenhouse is a high-quality garden building, glazed with durable polycarbonate slotted into an extra thick aluminium frame. Its large interior is welcomed by many gardeners who want to be certain they have room for vegetable patches to thrive. Some key features include:

  • Two upper vents that can be opened, reducing the build-up of any excess humidity and heat
  • Wide double doors with a low threshold doorway allow for easy access
  • Balance is created by two different styles of polycarbonate, with a 'frosted' style glazing for the upper panels that diffuse and soften the impact of bright sunlight
  • Side panels consist of clear polycarbonate that does not cloud or discolour over the years
ONLY £611.29
Save £87.53
Was £698.82

The Palram 8x12 Essence Silver greenhouse is a frosted polycarbonate greenhouse with a luxurious amount of interior space. Gardeners who take growing their fruit and vegetables seriously will find plenty to love in the Essence. 

  • Walls that feature frosted twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that resists hard impacts without shattering
  • This same fantastic glazing is used for every roof panel
  • High headroom for a comfortable experience using the greenhouse (over seven feet in the middle of the greenhouse)
  • Access made easy with wide double doors that have a low threshold ramp
ONLY £654.95
Save £114.46
Was £769.41

The Palram 8x16 Glory greenhouse knocks its competition out of the water, with a well-built structure using long-lasting polycarbonate technology and aluminium that creates a large interior space. The size of this Palram Glory encourages more ambitious gardeners to develop their ideas for growing vegetables and other plants that feel the benefit of an elevated temperature and humidity. Here are some of the features we would hate you to miss:

  • 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing used throughout, for glazing that softens the glare of direct sunlight and can take big hits without breaking
  • Frosted style glazing in both upper and side panels
  • Three upper vents that each open automatically as the temperature in the greenhouse increases past a certain point, without the need for any electrical input
  • A durable finish in a deep shade of grey that blends well with many garden settings
ONLY £1,989.95
Save £339.46
Was £2,329.41

The Palram 8x16 Bella Silver greenhouse is a high-quality garden building with a unique design that is sure to turn heads in any garden. A spacious interior offers near infinite possibilities for growing plants, with the added protection of frosted polycarbonate glazing. Some other features of the 8x16 Bella include:

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that is semi-transparent, aiding the diffusion of light to produce a balanced climate
  • This frosted glazing features in every one of the Bella Silver’s panels
  • Low threshold double doors for an easier time accessing your greenhouse
  • Extended length offers the space to get serious about your greenhouse-based projects
ONLY £1,220.00
Save £217.18
Was £1,437.18

The Palram 8x16 Balance Green greenhouse is on the larger end of the spectrum, aiming to deliver an expansive interior space with exciting potential for more serious gardeners. Some key features include:

  • Three upper vents, each of which can be opened to alter the greenhouse climate
  • Frosted style upper polycarbonate glazing for optimal spread of sunlight
  • Crystalline polycarbonate side panels that remain clear instead of discolouring or clouding up in future years
  • Five years of warranty from the manufacturer for no extra charge
ONLY £1,199.95
Save £213.23
Was £1,413.18

The Palram 8x16 Balance Silver greenhouse is a mixed polycarbonate greenhouse with a strong aluminium frame. Those searching for a cost effective, yet highly durable greenhouse on the larger end of the scale will not be disappointed by this 8x16 Palram Balance. Some key features of this model include:

  • Open up three manual vents to alter temperature and humidity
  • Extra wide aluminium framing with additional support beams
  • Frosted style polycarbonate glazing on roof panels
  • This combines with clear glazing on all sides to produce an interior with a balanced climate
ONLY £1,074.95
Save £185.76
Was £1,260.71

The Palram 8x20 Glory greenhouse is a premium quality, polycarbonate glazed greenhouse with an extra thick aluminium frame. This excellence in construction allows for a truly enormous interior space, with over 150 square feet of growing space. Read about some of this model's key features here:

  • Four upper vents that are each fitted with Automatic Vent Openers (requiring no electrical input)
  • 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate with a frosted look that gently diffuses any light that enters for a well-balanced climate
  • Frosted style glazing used for both roof and wall panels
  • A side louvre vent, an elegant solution for adding extra ventilation
ONLY £2,299.95
Save £402.17
Was £2,702.12

The Palram 8x20 Bella Silver greenhouse is large-scale garden building with a design that draws in plenty of attention thanks to its bell-shaped structure. The vast interior space of the 8x20 Bella offers almost endless opportunities to expand your growing projects. Here are some of our favourite features:

  • Upper panels twin-wall polycarbonate glazing, that has a semi-transparent appearance and is ideal for diffusing direct sunlight
  • An identical glazing features in the Bella’s side panels too
  • Four upper vents that can each be manually opened to dramatically alter the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse's interior
  • Handy features like magnetised door catches and a lockable handle (padlock not included) that will improve your quality of life when gardening
ONLY £1,459.95
Save £256.76
Was £1,716.71

The Palram 8x20 Balance Green greenhouse offers an extraordinary amount of storage space – over 155sq/ft. This space is well-protected from the elements, with a sturdy aluminium frame and polycarbonate glazing in two different styles. More features include:

  • Extended 20ft length for plenty of space for extensive growing beds, trellising, fruit trees, and more
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing used on upper panels diffuses light to give a moderated and more consistent coverage 
  • Fully transparent wall glazing offers clarity and a great view of your greenhouse interior
  • Four upper vents for excellent ventilation when opened (add Automatic Vent Openers for an even more straightforward experience)
ONLY £1,489.95
Save £250.76
Was £1,740.71

The Palram 8x20 Balance Silver greenhouse is one of our largest models, boasting over 155 square feet of storage space that is easy to increase with shelving thanks to a generous headroom. This is an incredibly durable greenhouse, with two combined styles of polycarbonate glazing and a robust aluminium frame. Some other crucial features include:

  • Four upper vents, each of which can be opened manually to adjust the level of temperature and humidity
  • Transparent polycarbonate glazing used in side panels
  • Light diffusing 'frosted' style polycarbonate used for upper panels to spread sunlight
  • Double doors that are low threshold and can be kept open with magnetised door catches
ONLY £1,294.95
Save £219.87
Was £1,514.82

This Palram 8x4 Lean To Grow House (Silver with Clear glazing) is the perfect way to break into the greenhouse world on a budget. There are limitless possibilities for smaller growing projects inside this compact structure, and the Lean To incorporates many of the features that make Palram's freestanding greenhouse range so successful. These include:

  • Strong and clear polycarbonate glazing that is virtually unbreakable and will stay clear over the years
  • Rust-free aluminium frame that sits on a galvanised steel perimeter base for added stability 
  • A petite structure that suits smaller spaces, such as patios or verandas
  • Simply slide open the door or lift the adjustable upper lid to easily access plants inside
ONLY £565.99

The Palram 8x8 Glory greenhouse sets a new standard for garden buildings in its price range, due to its high-quality construction materials and singularly praised design features. Any garden owner searching for their next greenhouse ought to read through the superb details of the 8x8 Glory here:

  • Walls and roof panels BOTH feature 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing that can resist hard impacts and will never discolour over time
  • Heavy-duty aluminium frame with an anthracite grey finish
  • Upper vent that automatically opens in warm weather to aerate your greenhouse's interior
  • A wide single door with a low threshold entrance and aluminium handle that fits the addition of a lock for great security
ONLY £1,394.95
Save £235.64
Was £1,630.59

The Palram 8x8 Bella Silver is one of the more eye-catching greenhouses available for order from elbec. Its bell-shaped structure gives the Bella a distinct look that is sure to make this greenhouse the talk of any onlookers. Inside, a roomy floor space offers almost endless possibilities for growing fruits and vegetables.

  • A curved aluminium frame produces an elegant yet robust structure
  • Side and upper walls feature twin-wall 'frosted' polycarbonate glazing, which reduces the intensity of sunlight and spreads its warming effect more evenly through the greenhouse
  • Double doors open up the greenhouse to make access far easier
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer ensures you can take to the soil without any worries
ONLY £749.95
Save £128.17
Was £878.12

The Palram 8x8 Balance Green is a spacious and versatile greenhouse, with a frosted-style polycarbonate roof glazing that mitigates your plants' exposure to harsh sunlight. We are excited to bring this model – featuring a vibrant green frame – to home gardens. Those with green fingers will appreciate the following features and many more outlined on this page:

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing for upper panels, with light-diffusing properties
  • Clear glazing for walls, also made from polycarbonate that is highly resistant to damage
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame in a striking shade of green
  • A reliable structure with a five-year manufacturer warranty to back it up
ONLY £689.95
Save £117.58
Was £807.53
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