Does A Garden Room Add Value to Your Home?

Does A Garden Room Add Value to Your Home?

Purchasing a garden room is an exciting prospect for homeowners as they can quickly transform your garden, patio, or yard whilst creating a space or sanctuary separated from your home. 

In this article, we’re going to explore why does a garden room add value to your home and talk about some of the best value garden rooms available at elbec!

What Is A Garden Room?

A garden room is an insulated building in your garden that is separate from your main residence - however, it is so much more than that! 

Unlike garden sheds, garden rooms are more luxurious structures, generally made from the highest quality natural materials, built to withstand the weather and provide year-long use. They make a beautiful addition to your home, allowing for a multi-functional space with additional furnishings and versatile designs, not just an outbuilding to store your bric-a-brac and tools.

Maybe you need a garden room to use as a home office, relax, embrace a craft or hobby, or provide an area where teenagers can hang out or play games. You might also want to add a music room where the noise can be contained away from family life or have a home gym to lift weights or do yoga.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a garden room, some questions that never fail to be asked are “Am I making a sound investment?” and “Does a garden room add value to my home?”.

Does A Garden Room Add Value To Your House?

The answer is yes! Several studies have shown that a well-insulated garden room can add 5% to 15% value to your house. Other reports suggest that quality garden rooms can add 1.5x their value, so you have a winning scenario. 

A garden room usually lasts two or three generations. So, if you sell your home, it will be worth even more, which means you’ll possess a desirable addition that will put you in front of the competition.

While not all prospective buyers will have a house with a garden room on their shopping list, it will appeal to many. The increased floor space and wow factor could attract two or three buyers so keen that they’re prepared to “fight it out” in a bidding war, thus delivering you a top resale price.

Best Value Garden Rooms

So let’s look at the best value garden rooms available at elbec garden buildings and their variations, such as those with a veranda, side shed, or specifically designed for use as a garden office.

Mercia Insulated Garden Rooms

At elbec garden buildings, the Mercia Insulated Garden Rooms are part of the Premium Range. They boast a contemporary design to bring living space flexibility with an excellent aesthetic appeal. Suitable for all-year-round use, these garden rooms feature the following:

  • free installation
  • EcoQuilt insulation
  • roof overhang with downlights
  • many door and glazing options

The sizes and configurations include:

Mercia Creswell Insulated Garden Rooms With Veranda

The Mercia Creswell Insulated Garden Rooms With Veranda is a truly transformative choice, providing a convenient covered entranceway that delivers shade on hot summer days, additional privacy, and visual appeal. These luxurious garden rooms feature the following: 

  • Air Tec insulated tongue
  • groove floors
  • double-glazed windows
  • a ten-year manufacturer's anti-rot guarantee

The sizes and configurations include:

Mercia Garden Room Summerhouse With Side Shed

Do you want a garden room but also desire the practical convenience of a garden shed storage? The Mercia Garden Room Summerhouses With Side Shed are the solution you seek! You get the best of both worlds with concertina doors that slide open during the hot summer, connecting you with nature, and a side shed for all-year-round extra storage.

The sizes and configurations include:

Forest Xtend 4.0+ Insulated Garden Office With Double Door

The clean, contemporary look of the Forest Xtend 4.0+ Insulated Garden Office With Double Door makes it the perfect addition to any garden. Offering a cool place to work in the summer and a warm place to work in the winter, the work/life balance can be easily achieved! Built using the latest building innovations, this garden office boasts the following: 

  • High-performance
  • energy-efficient structural insulated panels
  • premium timber cladding
  • a fifty-year roof life expectancy
  • five-chamber uPVC windows and doors

The sizes and configurations include:

For more additional garden room facts and inspiration, check out our Garden Room Buying Guide!

Final Thoughts

It is increasingly important to have dedicated “breakaway” spaces in your home, such as lounges for entertaining or unwinding and home offices for designated work space. 

And if you are still wondering how does a garden room add value to your home, wonder no more and try it for yourself! Spend a little time doing your research and see what garden rooms feel like the right choice for you, and then go ahead and create your garden oasis! Get painting, decorating and making it feel like a second home! 

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Posted by Marilyn Elliott
11th July 2023

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