30th November 2018

Need a Log Cabin in a Hurry?

Need a Log Cabin in a Hurry?

Looking for a log cabin to use over Christmas? Perhaps you need extra space for entertaining, somewhere for the kids to chill away from the adults or room to accommodate visitors who will be staying over.

Don’t despair because elbec can deliver a Shire log cabin within seven working days.

Shire log cabins are well made and come in a variety of styles. In fact there are 20 different types of log cabin available and delivered within seven working days. These include three different corner log cabins, the Bourne which has side storage, and the Bradenham, a log cabin which doubles as a garage.

All Shire log cabins are built to last and made from high quality spruce which is more durable than pine, the wood of choice for the majority of manufacturers. Shire is one of the oldest established manufacturers of garden buildings with a fantastic range, of which log cabins are but a part. All Shire products are made near Wisbech, Lincolnshire using the most up to date machinery to ensure quality products which are excellent value for money.

If you are looking for a well-made, sensibly priced log cabin and want to use it in a hurry, have a look at our Quick Delivery Log Cabins. You’ll find plenty of models to choose from with log cabins of different dimensions to suit every type of garden. And there’s even an option to buy your log cabin with either a felt or a tile roof.

But most importantly, elbec is currently the only manufacturer able to offer a fantastic range of quality log cabins which can be delivered to the UK mainland within seven working days. What’s stopping you?

23rd April 2018

Mercia Studio Log Cabin Range - Budget Doesn't Need To Be Basic

Mercia Studio Log Cabin Range - Budget Doesn't Need To Be Basic

A log cabin is a great addition to any garden and one of the most popular at an affordable price is the Mercia Studio Log Cabin.

The Mercia Studio Log Cabin would look good in any garden setting with its neat, contemporary appearance. Although it is a compact building, just right for smaller gardens, open the double doors and you’ll be surprised by the amount of space inside. The Studio feels airy and light thanks to the large opening windows which have the added advantage of giving you control over the inside temperature. Durable safety glass is used throughout, and the windows and doors can be reversed so that you are able to position the cabin in awkward areas of your garden to maximise your space.

The Studio Log Cabin lends itself to a variety of uses: it’s ideal for relaxing in comfort all year round, or it would make a great hobby room, a children’s play area or could even be used as an office. However you decide to use the Studio, you can be certain of its quality. The walls are made from 19mm logs which will keep you snug in winter, and the floor and roof are made from 16mm tongue and groove. The roof comes with heavy duty roofing felt for extra protection and the floor is sufficiently sturdy to support heavy loads. A ten year anti-rot guarantee is included for that extra peace of mind.

The Studio Log Cabin is available in six sizes, three of which come with a veranda which adds to the appearance of the cabin and means you can sit outside protected by the overhanging roof. The version with a veranda is ideal for entertaining.

Assembly is straightforward but not everyone feels sufficiently confident to do it themselves which is why professional assembly is available. Delivery is usually within 7 – 10 working days and it is free to UK mainland addresses.
Overall the Mercia Studio Log Cabin has so much going for it that it’s well worth your consideration if you are looking for an attractive garden building which you can adapt to your needs.

Have a look at the studio range!

14th March 2018

Delamere Log Cabin with Side Store

Delamere Log Cabin with Side Store

Looking for a stylish log cabin which includes extra storage space as standard? Check out the Mercia Delamere Log Cabin which gives you plenty of space to relax plus a secure, windowless area for items you want to keep out of view.

This practical approach to using space could be ideal if you have a smallish garden and can’t accommodate both a log cabin and a shed. The Delamere offers both in an attractive building which will look just right wherever it is sited in your garden.

The sitting part of the cabin is well lit with full length double doors, an opening side window and sufficient room to welcome friends whatever the weather. It’s equally ideal if you just want somewhere comfortable to curl up on your own with a good book, or to use as a home office.

The storage area offers plenty of secure space for keeping valuable items neat and tidy when they are not in use. Both the living and storage elements blend harmoniously and you have the option of reversing them so that the building works well wherever it is sited in your garden.

The Delamere Log Cabin is well made and includes a number of quality features such as sturdy floor bearers which provide additional support and help to protect the building from damp and rot – especially important if you are storing garden furniture during the winter months. The Delamere stands out among log cabins as a practical, attractive and cost effective way of delivering both social and storage space in one unit.

Tempted? The Delamere Log Cabin can be yours within 5-28 working days and there is an option to book a professional team who will assemble the building for you if you’re not convinced you have the requisite skills to do it yourself. Still have questions? That’s fine. Contact us by email or phone and we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

13th July 2016

Shire Elveden Log Cabin - For Far More Than Just Garden Storage

Shire Elveden Log Cabin - For Far More Than Just Garden Storage

The Shire Elveden Log Cabin has a whole plethora of uses, far beyond the remit of garden storage filled by your average shed. And as it’s made-to-order, it can fill any need you might have.

Built from slow grown Siberian and Scandinavian spruce timber, the materials used are only the best quality, giving tighter grain, less sap and fewer knots. Complete with tongue and groove construction and with the option of 44 or 70mm logs, you can have real confidence that your log cabin is sturdy, secure, robust and long-lasting.

As well as the option for extra thick log size, you can choose to have heavy duty roof tiles, toughened glass or double glazed windows, additional side windows and full assembly should you desire.

The Elveden comes with an inset porch and internal room divide, but this top quality log cabin can be made to measure for bespoke purposes. You have the option to include extra doors and room partitions, change the position and style of windows and doors, remove the porch or add an annexe and many other options. The Elveden comes in a spacious 14x26ft build, but other sizes are also available.

And with such generous space, the possibilities for use are endless.

Home use – Use the Elveden as a hideaway for your kids, dividing it into a lounge area and a games room. Have the workshop you’ve always dreamed of, complete with a studio to fine-tune and showcase your work. Transform your study and work from home in style and comfort.

Group use – Renovate your club’s cricket or bowls facilities by using the Elveden as a pavilion, adding an extra partition to give you a social area as well as home and away dressing rooms. Upgrade the facilities at your local youth club or community centre, providing an extra space to meet the needs of people in your area.

Wider use – Upgrade your school’s facilities by providing a unique new classroom, study space or social area. Give your business’s lunch facilities a makeover or turn the Elveden into a distinctive meeting room to impress potential clients.            

The first class quality of the Shire Elveden Log Cabin means that you can rest assured in the excellence of your purchase. And its bespoke nature means that it can truly fill any need you might have: the perfect log cabin, whatever its use.

And at a reduced price of £5699, a huge £1260 below RRP, there isn’t a better time to buy. Find out more about the Elveden here and order yours today!

14th December 2015

Large Log Cabins for Tiresome Teenagers or Moaning Mums

Large Log Cabins for Tiresome Teenagers or Moaning Mums

Much as you love your teenagers, you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t admit that there are times when they and their friends get under your feet. It’s not that you want to banish them completely - after all, they’ll leave home for good soon enough - but if only there was a room where they could go so that the rest of the family could get on with everyday living.

The perfect answer could be a log cabin sited at the bottom of the garden and elbec has a number of models which would fit the bill.

Shire Kingswood

The Kingswood is big enough to take a tribe of teenagers who could either spread out inside the building or lounge around on the verandah while they put the world to rights.

Shire Kingswood Log Cabin

Think big - the 18ft x 20ft Shire Kingswood Log Cabin18ft x 20ft

Shire Elveden

The Elveden would work well as a den for teenagers, and with two rooms, it’s a really versatile building.  With space for messy hobbies, you’d never have to keep reminding your teenagers to tidy up at the end of the day. The second room would work well as a quiet or a noisy area, depending on mood or the time of day. Having two rooms is a real advantage and could be one of the reasons why this model is being used as a cricket pavilion in some parts of the country.

Shire Elveden Log Cabin

The 2 room Shire Elveden Log Cabin  - A spacious 14ft by 26ft

Shire Sherwood

The Sherwood is an attractive log cabin and, with its pretty verandah, would look good in any garden. Although the windows are made from toughened glass it is possible to upgrade them and have double glazing fitted which could be a useful addition if your teenagers are into noisy music. It’s such an attractive building that you may find that you prefer to leave your teenagers in their bedrooms while you and your partner enjoy some peace, quiet and quality time at the bottom of your garden.

 Shire Sherwood Log Cabin

The Shire Sherwood is a classy 20ft by 18 ft Log Cabin

So whether you want your children to temporarily vacant the house, or want to escape yourself, a log cabin will provide you with all the peace and quiet you need.

18th July 2015

Live the Log Cabin Dream at an unbelievably low price

Live the Log Cabin Dream at an unbelievably low price

Not so long ago a log cabin was only for the rich and famous. Images of their winter holidays in salubrious ski resorts flashed across our television screens showing a magnificent log cabin in the background and films such as James Bond where our hero chased by a villain, escapes by ski jumping over the top of a log cabin, created the image that these glamorous log cabins were out of reach for most of us.

If you wanted to live the dream of having your very own log cabin, it was likely you would have had to spend thousands on even the smallest cabin.

Fortunately you can now live the dream at a very affordable price.

For a limited period only elbec garden buildings are offering a range of log cabins to suit everyone at unbelievably low prices.

Why the low price?
The cabin is sold as a package and custom options are not available, keeping production costs much lower.

They are still manufactured using top grade log cabin timber from the world class saw mills of Siberia and Scandinavia, just like the timber those dream cabins are made from, so don’t miss out on these summer bargains and order by Wednesday 12th August, because they really are too good to miss out on.

To view these great log cabin offers just click here