15th July 2019

Customer Stories: Stuart's Bucknells Log Cabin

Customer Stories: Stuart's Bucknells Log Cabin

Pictured Above: a Shire Bucknells Log Cabin in its Natural Habitat

An exceptional log cabin can transform your garden into a place where everyone wants to be. An elbec customer, Stuart, recently found this out after assembling his 10 x 8 Shire Bucknells Log Cabin which he explains was first ‘intended as a man cave’ – until the rest of his family took a strong liking to the new hideaway at the end of their garden.

From outside the log cabin, the Georgian style window and door give the exterior a timeless and handsome appearance – especially alongside the darker stained finish Stuart has picked, which beautifully complements the nearby potted plants and tree. It’s easy to miss the row of lights subtly placed under the shelter of the overhanging gable roof, the perfect finishing touch for some warm ambience when night-time comes.

Stuart's Overly Popular 'Man Cave'

The size of these Georgian style windows also provides the cabin with ample sunlight. There is nothing cave-like about this cabin – at least until Stuart decides it’s time to roll down the blinds, turn on his wall-mounted TV, and settle down on the sofa for a movie night. With walls built from 28mm logs, the cabin will stay cosy throughout the year. This is helped by a draught seal system on the doors and windows, designed to keep the elements at bay. There are always the additional options of having felt roof tiles, or upgrading to safety or double glazing for the windows –both are improvements which will make the interior even more warm and inviting.

On hotter days, the window can be opened to let any breeze flow through the inside of the log cabin. Stuart has left the interior unpainted, showing off the tight grain and blond colour of the timber logs. With a photo from the cabin itself below, you don’t need to imagine how to the place fills with natural light that bounces off these spruce logs.

A Bright, Airy and Comfortable Interior

The timber used in Stuart’s cabin is the high quality spruce used for all of Shire’s products, slow-grown in Scandinavia and Siberia before being cut down into straight-edged logs. These interlock with one another to give the walls a sleek and engineered look, which stands apart from the more traditional log cabin design with bulky, rounded log ends. Unlike the cheaper pine timber often used for log cabins, this spruce has a much finer grain with generally fewer knots in the wood, ensuring that Shire Bucknells log cabins have a long lifespan – so Stuart can be confident in his cabin lasting for many years to come. 

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of searching for your ideal log cabin is finding a structure that perfectly suits the space you have. This is why Bucknells Log Cabins are made to order, and can be constructed with bespoke measurements if needed.

This 10 x 8ft cabin – the smallest standard size in the range – has a modest footprint that allows it to fit snugly at the end of Stuart’s garden.

Stunning Roof Beams made from Superior Spruce

He has also taken advantage of the option to choose the side on which the door and window are located. The window overlooks his lush nearby tree and lawn, and the door is positioned next to it, where it meets the garden path as it naturally should.

Then again, Bucknells Log Cabin looks equally elegant in a more open space, where the joinery in the four corners shows off the quality timber and gives it a striking appearance from a distance. If Stuart wanted to find a new home for this cabin in the future, it would certainly look just as tasteful elsewhere. This is always possible with the Bucknells Log Cabin, which can be taken down and packed up, even after years of use.

A TV, Ambient Lights and Some Shelving... the Man Cave is Complete

A smooth ordering and delivery experience with elbec made sure that Stuart was in the mood to relax when his cabin was complete. ‘The order process was hassle free,’ he says, ‘and I took advantage of the 0% finance, which was also easy to set up.’

Our finance plan is available on all products from elbec over a thousand pounds, so that the customer can spread out their payment into more manageable chunks without worrying about extra charges.

As someone who ‘enjoys putting things together’, he took pleasure in the experience of assembling the flat-packed cabin by himself over the course of two days – with some extra pairs of hands from his wife and children now and then, of course! Most customers find they need to set aside a full weekend or two to get their cabins built and furnished to their tastes. For those who would rather not involve their loved ones in a DIY project, there is always the option for assembly by our professionals along with the purchase.

A Blank Canvas for you to Decorate

Stuart has fallen in love with his cabin so much that he says he is ‘thinking about getting another cabin soon’. With a variety of options for the cabin, including a felt tile or shingle roof and additional glazing for the windows, we don’t blame him for wanting to invest in another one. ‘I just love being in it,’ he admits. We aren’t surprised!

The Bucknells Log Cabin is built with quality materials and tailored to the size you need, whether you mean to use it for work or for leisure. Learn more about this log cabin and others on the product page and find the cabin you’ve always wanted today.

7th September 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Playhut Playhouse

Customer Stories: the Shire Playhut Playhouse

The popular Shire Playhut Playhouse is always making our customers (and their kids) smile, and we love receiving photos and reviews from people who are enjoying the new addition to their gardens. Take a look at the stories below to see why the Playhut could be for you:

Emma was lucky enough to be a winner in one of our monthly competitions, and sent us this great picture of the little ones enjoying their brand new Shire Playhut Playhouse. Looks like they’re having fun!

The Playhut is a great first playhouse, being small and simple (look how neatly it tucks away into that tight corner), but it’s also relatively cheap and comes with lots of little details that make it great value. It even includes a floor!


Caroline’s made great use of the space in her Shire Playhut Playhouse, painting the inside a pale colour to help bring the summer daylight in, and leaving plenty of space to let the children’s imaginations run wild.

The family photos add a wonderful bit of personality and style, and we love the curtains she’s put in the window, too.

Now here’s an unusual one – playhouses for bunnies! Sharon’s made great use of these three Playhuts, painting them to match, and even adding a little rabbit to them.

The Shire Playhut Playhouse has piano hinges on its window and door to prevent trapped little fingers when in use by children, as well as styrene window panes for added peace of mind, but it turns out these are great safety measures for adults and pets too!

Want to create and enjoy your own Shire Playhut Playhouse? Check out the product page for more information.

24th August 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Mimosa Arbour

Customer Stories: the Shire Mimosa Arbour

Our solid yet classically elegant Shire Mimosa Arbour is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy the sun – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these wonderful pictures sent in by our customers, and decide for yourself:


Roy has done a lovely paint job on his Shire Mimosa Arbour, and we think it’s in the perfect spot. A wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of the shade, Roy’s Mimosa makes the ideal seat for reading or enjoying the garden with a friend.

Those side trellis sections make great windows to view a wider portion of the garden, but their heavy-duty nature means they also suit climbing plants. Strong, stylish and versatile – what more could you ask for?

Here’s a birthday celebrated in style! This beautifully painted Shire Mimosa Arbour was sent in by Nicki Parrot, who was clearly very proud of this decorating job for her Dad’s birthday (though the paint or the banners, we’re not sure – probably both!).

The gorgeous green here means the Mimosa fits in wonderfully with the plant life around it, and those white highlights are really picked out by the sunlight.

Not only is this tasteful arbour a great addition to your garden, but it’s quick and easy to assemble too. Take a look at our time-lapse assembly video on our YouTube channel to see the professionals at work.

Interested in getting hold of your own Shire Mimosa Arbour? Then visit the product page for more information and order today!

10th August 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Customer Stories: the Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Looking for a spacious garden shed that’s adaptable to your needs? Whether it’s storage, a workshop, or even an outdoor reception area you want, the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is a great option, and our customers think so too. Take a look at the images and reviews below:

Sara sent us this picture of her newly-assembled Shire Jersey Apex Shed, and we think it looks great. The large windows will let in plenty of sunlight, and it matches perfectly with the bench and table outside.

“It was easy to put together, looks amazing, and we are very happy. Thank you!”

One great thing about the Jersey is that all of the wall panels are interchangeable, meaning they can be positioned on any side and at different points along the shed walls. This makes the shed highly adaptable to your needs and those of your garden.

Sara has arranged her windows to be next to each other along the same wall, allowing daylight to flood in from that side and light up the whole room. This is ideal if you’re using the Jersey as a workshop or outdoor playroom, because it maximises the natural light available and can ensure there are large stretches of wall for shelving or larger equipment.

We absolutely love what John has done with his Shire Jersey Apex Shed. This is a great example of how painted and unpainted wood can look brilliant together, and the colour scheme works beautifully with the rest of his garden.

John also let us know about some extra fittings he added to make the Jersey truly his: “The floor panels and walls are insulated with 30mm polystyrene with electrics threaded through the structure, then panelled with 9mm OSB and 73mm guttering fitted.”

This is a great example of how accommodating and customisable the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is, able to be adapted to perfectly suit your needs. This shed is also amazing value for money, meaning that additional fittings like John’s can still result in a low-cost final result.

Interested in getting your own Shire Jersey Apex Shed? Take a look at the product page for more information, and order yours today!

27th July 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse

Customer Stories: the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse

The ever-popular Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse is a great way to make the most of your garden, providing both an excellent use for that awkward corner and making a beautiful and practical focal point. Not sure yet, or looking for some summer inspiration? See what our customers did with their summerhouses below:

June and Harry have done an excellent job with their Hampton Summerhouse – it looks incredibly cosy. We particularly appreciate the heart above the door and the elegant colour scheme.

Adding a pair of curtains to the doorway is also a great touch, able to keep the glare off on a hot summer’s day and look stylish at the same time.

“Thanks for such a stress free order and delivery,” they said, adding that they’re looking forward to “many happy hours in our corner summerhouse”. Thank you for your beautiful pictures!

Hel’s version of the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse is decorated with neat garden furniture and cheerful bunting.

“I am soooo delighted with the house”, Hel said. “We ‘opened’ it with cosmos,” the tasty cocktails that have given the summerhouse its new name – Cosmo Cottage!

This fun and festive summer setup emphasises the Hampton’s instant style, and we’re sure the beautiful full-glazed double doors and matching windows will bring in plenty of light to enjoy those drinks by.

“This is our lovely summerhouse we got off you. We absolutely love it, thanks.”

Karen’s found a great sunny spot in the garden for her new Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse. We like how neat and stylish it looks with that paintwork.

The inside of the summerhouse is just as high quality, with a built-in tongue and groove construction in the floor to make the building better sealed from the elements. Weather resistant windows also mean that Karen can enjoy the Hampton for longer.

Kate is another of our happy customers who has nestled her Hampton in the corner of her colourful garden, and painted it in a beautiful colour scheme to match.

Colour is always a great way to add personality to your summerhouse, and there’s no end to the possibilities. Shire recommends that you apply a water-based top coat of your choice, and we have plenty of options available. Let your imagination run wild!

“We purchased a corner summerhouse from you which we are absolutely delighted with! Fantastic value for money and easy to assemble.”

We were blown away by this gorgeous setup – Lisa has made a proper little paradise with her Hampton.
The simple but stylish paint colours inside and out serve to accentuate the brighter colours of her accessories inside, and her amazing lighting means the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse can be enjoyed day and night. Those fairy lights are a wonderful, subtle detail too.

Interested in making your own Hampton haven? Check out the product page here.