13th June 2018

The Mercia Cube Summerhouse

The Mercia Cube Summerhouse

Does your garden offer impressive views from more than one angle? This makes choosing a summerhouse really difficult because when you want to enjoy the visual impact of your garden so much depends on where the windows are positioned.

The Mercia Cube Summerhouse could be the answer. It is one of the best lit summerhouses around with five full length windows on three sides plus windows in the bi-fold doors, all giving great views of your garden. And there’s no need to be concerned about safety because all the windows are made from shatterproof styrene which is also environmentally sound.

Whatever the weather, there is plenty of room in the summerhouse for both relaxing and entertaining. On the front and one side of the building there is a veranda which increases the useful space and is sheltered by the contemporary and stylish pent roof.

The Cube is well built with a number of quality features including a ten year anti-rot guarantee. Despite the vast expanse of glazing here is a summerhouse which is strong, robust and built to withstand the weather. Enjoy the views of your garden in comfort when it’s pouring with rain or too cold to be outdoors for very long.

Tempted? We’re not surprised and the Cube Summerhouse could be yours within 3-7 days. Delivery is often shorter so please call us if you have a specific date in mind. The Cube comes with the option of booking our professional team of fitters who will erect it for you if you are not comfortable assembling it yourself.

Contact us if you have further queries, we are always happy to help.

20th April 2018

Vibrant Vermont! A Summerhouse For All Seasons

Vibrant Vermont! A Summerhouse For All Seasons

Open up the opportunities for enjoying your garden with a Mercia Vermont Summerhouse. Among the most striking attributes of this popular summerhouse are the bi-fold doors which mean that you can use this attractive and contemporary garden building all year round.

Take advantage of good weather by throwing open the doors and use the space for keeping food and drinks out of the sun while you and your guests spill out into the open air. Or, in the event of a sudden downpour, close the doors and you can still sit and chat with your family and friends in a light and airy room.

The number of windows and doors included in the design are an important feature of this spacious summerhouse and, wherever you site the Vermont in your garden, the building will be filled with light. This makes it an ideal studio for an artist, craftsperson, sculptor or anyone who has a hobby which relies on good natural light. And with a strong and stable floor as a standard item, you will be able to house or store heavier equipment or furniture.

The Vermont Summerhouse is such a versatile building, offers great value for money and comes in two sizes, 8x8 or 10x8 for even greater flexibility.

It is well built with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee and would look stunning painted in a striking colour theme. Let your imagination run riot. If you have a colour theme in the planted areas of your garden, why not complement or contrast this with a painted theme for your summerhouse? Whether you make your summerhouse stand out and become a talking point for your guests, or whether it blends sympathetically into your garden as a relaxing retreat, the Vermont Summerhouse should meet all your requirements.

Tempted? The Mercia Vermont Summerhouse can be delivered within three to seven working days and there is an option to book a professional team to assemble the building if you’re wary of doing it yourself. Still have questions? Have a look at the product pages for the Vermont 8x8 and the Vermont 10x8.

10th February 2017

The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Mercia Helios Summerhouse is a stunning contemporary designed garden building with all year round purpose currently on offer for £1,160.00

You’ll love how spacious the summerhouse is, leaving plenty of room for relaxing in the summer and will be perfect for storage in the winter. The windows are glazed with environmentally friendly styrene to allow plenty of light and an added safety measure, making the summerhouse ideal for hobbies.

The 10x10 summerhouse walls are built from high quality, FSC certified timber. It uses specially designed Tongue and Groove cladding to give the summerhouse multifunctional purposes; its water resistance makes it durable whilst maintaining an appealing aesthetic to suit your garden. All the timber has been treated with water based timber treatment and comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

The abstract curved roof offers a very stylish design and is constructed from T and G cladding, leaving no sharp edges and promoting water runoff from both the floor and roof.

High quality floor joists give it a solid sturdy feel, allowing for a greater load capacity. This means it maintains its stunning design while still retaining its strength, which is ideal if you want to store items over winter.

This beautiful and stylish summerhouse comes with 6 styrene clear glazed windows, T and G walls and a double door. All the parts are delivered flat-packed with easy to follow instructions along with the fittings and sand mineral roofing felt. 

The Mercia Helios summerhouse comes with lots of space allowing room to do whatever activates or hobbies you want all year round, no matter what the weather!

Buy now with free UK mainland delivery shipping usually within 10-15 working days.

12th July 2016

For our Shire Corner Summerhouses, Size Does Matter

Two of our most popular summerhouses, the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse (top) and the Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse (bottom), are now available in an extra spacious 10x10ft size.

Summerhouses are the perfect addition to give your garden that extra wow factor, as well as increase its usefulness. These generously sized 10x10ft models give you the perfect space to relax, socialise and entertain, all with extreme comfort.

Both of these models come with a reassuring 10 year anti-rot guarantee and free UK mainland delivery*. They’re both currently on offer, but our sale ends at midnight on Thursday 14th July so you’ll have to act quickly to make the most of our great deals!

The Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse boasts slow grown continental timber, meaning a tighter grain, extra strength and longer life. Combined with its tongue and groove construction – which includes the summerhouse’s floor – this means you can be confident of the Hampton’s quality and sturdiness.

It also showcases great traditional looks with its matching joinery windows. The windows are properly morticed and tenoned, giving superior strength. On top of this, their 3mm horticultural glass and profiled lips make them weather resistant, ensuring your summerhouse stays healthy all year round.

And at a price of under £900, the Hampton offers supreme value. Get yours now before this fantastic offer ends! Find out more about the Hampton here.

Just like the Hampton, the Barclay comes with tongue and groove walls and floor for superb strength and sturdiness. The 44mm framing is made from slow grown timber and is extremely robust, giving you peace of mind in the quality of your purchase.

With its four clear windows and fully opening double doors, the Barclay allows for easy access and great views, perfect for those long summer evenings.

Coming in at just over £900, the Barclay offers excellent value for money given its first class materials and stylish, modern looks. But be quick if you want to take advantage of that price because our sale ends Thursday! Find out more about the Barclay here.

16th April 2016

A Traditional or Contemporary Summerhouse? It’s Your Choice

A Traditional or Contemporary Summerhouse? It’s Your Choice

A summerhouse is often the one feature which turns an ordinary garden into something special.  Summerhouses are practical buildings yet have an edge of glamour about them. Whether you want somewhere to entertain friends and family, or a quiet retreat to sit with a drink, there’s a summerhouse that’s just right for you and your garden.

There are two styles of wooden summerhouse available from elbec: traditional summerhouses and contemporary summerhouses.

A traditional summerhouse such as the Shire Chatsworth, is a charming building which lets in lots of light through well designed windows. Made from slow grown continental timber, the Chatsworth will give years of summer pleasure.

Shire Chatsworth Traditional Summerhouse

Another traditional summerhouse is the Goodwood Gold Fleur de Lys which has a Georgian-style bay window and an optional verandah which adds an extra dimension to entertaining. The Fleur de Lys has a number of security features and it’s easy to assemble although, if preferred, there is an installation option available.

If you want to make a design statement in your garden, opt for a contemporary summerhouse.  The Shire Highclere is a stylish, spacious building which comes in two sizes. The Highclere would also double as a hobby room for anyone who needs lots of light because it has long windows made from styrene which is environmentally friendly and safer than traditional glass.

Shire Highclere Contemporary Summerhouse

Mercia’s Helios summerhouse is another elegant, contemporary design which would look great in any style of garden.  Perfect for summer entertaining, the Helios has a curved roof which means that rain runs off so the building works well as a storage area during the winter months.

Curved roof Mercia Helios Summerhouse

There is such a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a summerhouse, but rest assured, there will be one that fits all your requirements. It’s worth bearing in mind that some log cabins would also make great summerhouses as well as being all-year-round garden buildings.

13th October 2015

Light up your garden with a Shire Highclere summerhouse

Light up your garden with a Shire Highclere summerhouse

Daylight may be getting shorter as the winter approaches, but keen gardeners know that October is often the ideal time to begin planning for next season. And where better to work out next year’s crops and colourful creations than relaxing in a summerhouse in your garden?  Especially as the ever popular Shire Highclere summerhouse from elbec is currently on offer.

One of the key features of this well-constructed contemporary summerhouse is the amount of light that floods in through four, full length environmentally-friendly styrene windows and two doors. This makes the summerhouse an ideal place for activities such as entertaining or carrying out a hobby which benefits from plenty of daylight.

With so many full-length windows and doors, it’s important to have a robust framework to give the summerhouse strength. That’s taken as standard, along with well constructed walls, a sturdy tongue and groove floor and felt roof.

Available in two sizes, the 10x8 Highclere summerhouse is currently on offer at £879.88 giving a saving of over £230. The slightly bigger version (10x10) is £999.88 which means you save almost £500.

The summerhouse is pre-treated with a base coat, it comes flat packed for ease of handling and assembly and is delivered free to most parts of the UK mainland within 15 to 25 working days.

So, don’t let the diminishing daylight dampen your spirits. If you’re interested in enjoying you garden all year round from the comfort of a Shire Highclere summerhouse, then you’ll need to hurry, because the offers ends soon.

25th July 2015

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Ok it’s raining, summer seems to have gone into sleep mode, and your first thought?

Summers over, its cold lets go back into the house and hibernate. It’s so easy to fall into those negative vibes; yet you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the time when a summerhouse will come into its own. Wood is a natural insulator and just by looking at it brings a feel good factor and the feeling of warmth.

With a covering of rainwater the garden looks alive and fresh and is a great time to view the garden in its entire splendor. Flowers, especially white flowers look particularly radiant on dull days where they shimmer, reflecting what little light there is, in great contrast to the surrounding grayness. It’s amazing how flowers illuminate on dull days or when the sun sets; it’s magnificent to experience.

A summerhouse is your own sanctuary where you can sit outside, sheltered from the wind and drizzle, experiencing the real beauty of your garden and enjoying the inclement weather from the comfort of your garden, making summer last all year round, perhaps with a pot of tea and a friend or two.