20th July 2018

Box Clever – choose a plastic storage solution

Box Clever – choose a plastic storage solution

Storage! Does anyone ever think they have sufficient storage? Probably not.  Finding storage solutions is actually not difficult; there’s plenty of choice, but many of the options available tend to be expensive. If you’re looking for something that will improve your living conditions without breaking the bank, then it’s worth checking out elbec’s range of plastic storage.  Sensibly priced and catering for both indoor and outside use, there’s plenty to choose from.

Take, for example, the Shire range of plastic storage cupboards from just under £50 to £70 depending on the size. Made from robust polypropylene these storage cupboards have shelves and enough space to tuck a range of objects out of sight. Whether you want to store tins and toys or buckets and brooms, the Shire plastic storage cupboards are ideal for indoor use.

The Forest range of plastic storage boxes works well outside and all the options are very well-priced. Ranging from under £25 for a 1 metre cube wood effect storage box, to just under £150 for a large rattan effect garden storage box, there’s plenty of choice to solve all your storage problems. The Forest plastic storage solutions are made to withstand the weather so can be left outside all year round.

If you live near the coast then it’s worth considering the Lifetime plastic storage boxes which withstand salt air. Currently available from £125 - £160 these storage boxes provide a safe and secure place to store a range of possessions wherever you live.

Suncast also has a number of storage options ranging from deck boxes which double as seating, attractively priced at £169, to a rattan style vertical deck box at £325.

Although a plastic box will hide all sorts of objects, they aren’t much use for storing larger equipment such as lawnmowers or bikes. In such cases, only a shed will do and elbec offers a choice of sizes, styles and prices in its plastic range. 

Mercia plastic sheds range from 4x6 at £346 to 6x10 for under £600. All the options are ideal for storing garden equipment and have air vents which allow air to flow through the building to counteract condensation.

If you’re looking for a larger plastic shed, check out the Lifetime range which has high specifications but realistic prices. There’s plenty of choice and options for one or two doors which can be arranged to suit you.

Finding storage solutions does not have to be an expensive exercise if you choose from elbec’s range of plastic boxes and sheds. Whatever your garden style there’s something to suit the size of your property as well as the size of your pockets.

4th July 2016

Innovative New Biohort StoreMax

Innovative New Biohort StoreMax

If you’re looking for an innovative, stylish storage solution for your garden then our brand new range of Biohort StoreMax products is the perfect thing for you.

These state-of-the-art products bring a revolutionary chic new look to storage solution products. They showcase the combination of striking design and first class quality, and are hot off the market from Austrian company Biohort.

The StoreMax is fully weather resistant (making it ideally suited to the British market!) and suitable for coastal areas, and comes in three different sizes, each perfect for attractively storing garden equipment, wheelie bins and outdoor essentials.

The StoreMax 120 offers enough room for two dustbins and the StoreMax 190 even gives enough space for safe and secure storage of bikes and motorbikes. Each of the three sizes comes with a stack of brilliant, top-quality features.

Each StoreMax model comes with an impressive 20 year guarantee against rust perforation, which highlights the superb quality of the product. The steel used is hot dipped galvanised polyamide coated steel, giving extreme class and durability to the product.

The aluminium coated roller shutter can be opened independently for quick access, and the twist handle cylinder locking system includes a spare key. All this and much more makes the Biohort StoreMax a wonderful, ground-breaking and modern solution to your storage issues.

The StoreMax range allows for compact storage of all your garden clutter, making it the perfect alternative or addition to a shed or a garage.

Whatever the size, the Biohort StoreMax comes in a range of colours to fit stylishly into your garden, and starting at under £700 it offers great value for money given its premium quality and superb features.

Order now and get free UK mainland delivery.

9th December 2015

Suncast storage solutions for small gardens

Suncast storage solutions for small gardens

Leaving garden tools or toys such as scooters and doll’s prams outside during the summer months may be fine, but it’s not such a good idea during the winter. But finding somewhere suitable for those smaller bits and pieces can be a problem, especially if you haven’t a lot of storage space. Have a look at the Suncast range of garden storage from elbec - there are lots of good ideas which are practical and cost effective.

Suncast Java Plastic Small Deck Box with Seating

The Suncast Java seat is easy to assemble, holds a surprising number of small objects and would look good on a patio or tucked into a corner of any style of garden.

Suncast Java Plastic Small Deck Box with Seating

Add a Suncast rattan style coffee table with a lift up lid and you’ve increased your storage space as well as owning a versatile piece of furniture. Neither the seat nor the table will rot, they won’t need painting or any other type of maintenance.

Suncast Plastic Kensington Six Garden Storage

The Suncast Kensington range of garden storage is ideal for slightly bigger garden items such as larger tools, hoses, barbecue equipment or even your wheelie bins. The Kensington range is made from UV-resistant durable resin which doesn’t need any maintenance. The different models have been well designed with integral floors and rust proof hinges so whatever you decide to store you know that the contents will be kept dry.

Suncast Plastic Kensington Five Garden Storage

Whether you opt for an interesting design or something more conventional, the Suncast range of garden storage is affordable, practical, easy to assemble and will last for years.