30th November 2018

Need a Log Cabin in a Hurry?

Need a Log Cabin in a Hurry?

Looking for a log cabin to use over Christmas? Perhaps you need extra space for entertaining, somewhere for the kids to chill away from the adults or room to accommodate visitors who will be staying over.

Don’t despair because elbec can deliver a Shire log cabin within seven working days.

Shire log cabins are well made and come in a variety of styles. In fact there are 20 different types of log cabin available and delivered within seven working days. These include three different corner log cabins, the Bourne which has side storage, and the Bradenham, a log cabin which doubles as a garage.

All Shire log cabins are built to last and made from high quality spruce which is more durable than pine, the wood of choice for the majority of manufacturers. Shire is one of the oldest established manufacturers of garden buildings with a fantastic range, of which log cabins are but a part. All Shire products are made near Wisbech, Lincolnshire using the most up to date machinery to ensure quality products which are excellent value for money.

If you are looking for a well-made, sensibly priced log cabin and want to use it in a hurry, have a look at our Quick Delivery Log Cabins. You’ll find plenty of models to choose from with log cabins of different dimensions to suit every type of garden. And there’s even an option to buy your log cabin with either a felt or a tile roof.

But most importantly, elbec is currently the only manufacturer able to offer a fantastic range of quality log cabins which can be delivered to the UK mainland within seven working days. What’s stopping you?

14th September 2018

How to Love Your Garden

How to Love Your Garden

Have you been following the new series of Love Your Garden? Then you may have spotted a few great products you recognise…

Several of our suppliers have been helping out deserving guests on the show, including Grange, Forest, and Protek. Check out the images and descriptions below, then pick your favourites and head over their product pages. With elbec, you can create your own outdoor masterpiece and really learn to love your garden.

Forest Henley Summerhouse

Starting off the new series with a bang, the wonderful garden renovation aired on 24th July featured a beautiful Henley Summerhouse from our supplier, Forest.

This top quality build features a robust tongue and groove construction, pressure treated timber for a 15 year anti-rot guarantee, and large toughened glass windows to let plenty of light in. It’s strong and secure, as it can be kept safe with a key lock, and its attractive hexagonal design looks good from every angle. What’s not to love?

Painted in contrasting dark and light colours, this Henley really stood out as the focal point of the garden. For more information and to order your own, click here.

Grange Portico Arch

A stylish and sturdy choice of trellis archway, the Portico Arch from Grange was a great addition to the first episode of the show. Its pressure treated timber comes with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee, and it has plenty of space for climbing plants and hanging baskets, so you know the Love Your Garden team made a great choice.

Interested in finding out more? Head to the product page by clicking here.


Protek Paint and Woodstain

Episodes 2, 4 and 6 featured some great treatments by our supplier Protek. In particular, 14th August’s instalment included their Silver Fir Woodstain & Protector, and we know you noticed the striking Royal Exterior Teal paint in Fiona’s garden on 28th August. Check out the huge range of beautiful colours from Protek that we stock here.

Grange Sleepers – ‘Sawn Railway’ and ‘Rounded Garden’

Love Your Garden loves sleepers! Particularly sleepers from Grange…

Episode 1 of this series featured Sawn Railway Sleepers (you can view the product page here), while in Episode 5 the team used Rounded Garden Sleepers (view the product page here).

These sleepers are great for adding low borders to different parts of your garden, creating raised beds, or even forming small walls. They’re attractive and robust, and all come pressure treated with 15 years anti-rot guarantee.

Forest Overlap Pent Shed

Tucked away next to Pat’s sewing room in Episode 3 was a neat little shed from Forest. Simple and compact, the Overlap Pent Shed is great for making use of little corners, as the Love Your Garden team proved.

It’s also got pressure treated timber and 15 years anti-rot guarantee, so it’s designed to last. Interested in one of your own? Click here for more information.


Grange Fencing – ‘Closeboard Panels’ and ‘Contemporary Vogue Panels’

Grange’s fencing has helped more than one Love Your Garden guest to a perfect outdoor space. On 7th August we saw their Closeboard Panels supplied to Pat, and the following week their popular Contemporary Vogue Panels were featured in Roisin’s new garden. Very stylish!

To find out more about the Closeboard fencing, click here, or for more information on the Contemporary Vogue fencing, click here.

Forest Shiplap Pent Large Outdoor Store

Another example of great garden storage from Forest, the Love Your Garden team installed their Shiplap Pent Large Outdoor Store for Irene’s charity donations. This is a brilliant, compact alternative to a conventional shed, and we think it’s an excellent choice.

Want something like this for your garden? Click here to view the product page.

Grange Elite Lattice Trellis

A versatile product that can be both feature and fence, Grange contributed several 6ft square panels of their Elite Lattice Trellis (plus the gravel boards and posts) to Jim’s lovely new garden in Episode 7.

Pressure treated to last longer with an environmentally-friendly system, and coming with an anti-rot guarantee that lasts for 10 years, this is a great choice for climbing plants and boundaries alike.

Click here to see the panels Jim has in his garden and explore our website for a variety of sizes of this excellent trellis.


Catch up on Love Your Garden on the ITV Hub now!

7th September 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Playhut Playhouse

Customer Stories: the Shire Playhut Playhouse

The popular Shire Playhut Playhouse is always making our customers (and their kids) smile, and we love receiving photos and reviews from people who are enjoying the new addition to their gardens. Take a look at the stories below to see why the Playhut could be for you:

Emma was lucky enough to be a winner in one of our monthly competitions, and sent us this great picture of the little ones enjoying their brand new Shire Playhut Playhouse. Looks like they’re having fun!

The Playhut is a great first playhouse, being small and simple (look how neatly it tucks away into that tight corner), but it’s also relatively cheap and comes with lots of little details that make it great value. It even includes a floor!


Caroline’s made great use of the space in her Shire Playhut Playhouse, painting the inside a pale colour to help bring the summer daylight in, and leaving plenty of space to let the children’s imaginations run wild.

The family photos add a wonderful bit of personality and style, and we love the curtains she’s put in the window, too.

Now here’s an unusual one – playhouses for bunnies! Sharon’s made great use of these three Playhuts, painting them to match, and even adding a little rabbit to them.

The Shire Playhut Playhouse has piano hinges on its window and door to prevent trapped little fingers when in use by children, as well as styrene window panes for added peace of mind, but it turns out these are great safety measures for adults and pets too!

Want to create and enjoy your own Shire Playhut Playhouse? Check out the product page for more information.

30th August 2018

Grandad Fred’s Greenhouse Tips

Grandad Fred’s Greenhouse Tips

Grandad Fred is a familiar face around our showsite, appearing regularly to help tend to the plants in the Elite Greenhouse. Today he’s sharing his top tips for greenhouses, so read on for some nuggets of wisdom…

Tip 1: Cut up a pair of tights to secure plants to canes

The stretchy fabric is ideal for tying plant stems to canes to keep them growing upright, and you can get plenty of ties from a single pair of tights.

Tip 2: Spray green beans with water to help blossom the flowers

The extra moisture helps the delicate flowers to bloom as beautifully as possible, and means you’re more likely to end up with plenty of beans when the time comes.

Tip 3: When growing cucumbers, keep a washing up bowl of water underneath the pot

Cucumber plants must be kept in moist earth at all times. By making a hole in the bottom of the plant pot and sitting it in a washing up bowl of water, the earth in the pot will absorb the water as it dries out, meaning it keeps a constant moisture content. This allows the cucumber to remain fully hydrated, and therefore grow to its best.

Tip 4: Put a banana skin in the tomato bag for a sweeter taste

This is a great one for making the most out of the produce you grow. Banana skins hold plenty of nutrients, and tomatoes are able to absorb these from the soil as they grow, meaning your tomatoes will be far sweeter.

Tip 5: In hot weather, keep the greenhouse well-ventilated

It’s always important to keep your greenhouse well-ventilated so it doesn’t overheat, but this is especially true during baking hot weather like we’ve been having recently. This is to prevent your plants from drying out – remember to keep them hydrated too!

Leave the windows open while the sun’s out, and even try to keep the doors open if possible, especially around midday. Even better if you can add Elite’s automatic ventilation kits to the roof vents and louvre vents of your greenhouse, to keep the plants well-ventilated even while you’re not out there with them.

We hope you find these tips useful – thank you to Grandad Fred for providing them. Happy gardening!

24th August 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Mimosa Arbour

Customer Stories: the Shire Mimosa Arbour

Our solid yet classically elegant Shire Mimosa Arbour is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy the sun – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these wonderful pictures sent in by our customers, and decide for yourself:


Roy has done a lovely paint job on his Shire Mimosa Arbour, and we think it’s in the perfect spot. A wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of the shade, Roy’s Mimosa makes the ideal seat for reading or enjoying the garden with a friend.

Those side trellis sections make great windows to view a wider portion of the garden, but their heavy-duty nature means they also suit climbing plants. Strong, stylish and versatile – what more could you ask for?

Here’s a birthday celebrated in style! This beautifully painted Shire Mimosa Arbour was sent in by Nicki Parrot, who was clearly very proud of this decorating job for her Dad’s birthday (though the paint or the banners, we’re not sure – probably both!).

The gorgeous green here means the Mimosa fits in wonderfully with the plant life around it, and those white highlights are really picked out by the sunlight.

Not only is this tasteful arbour a great addition to your garden, but it’s quick and easy to assemble too. Take a look at our time-lapse assembly video on our YouTube channel to see the professionals at work.

Interested in getting hold of your own Shire Mimosa Arbour? Then visit the product page for more information and order today!

17th August 2018

Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed

Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed

Think that a shed is a shed is a shed? Think again. The Sun Pent Shiplap Shed is one of our most popular sheds for a number of very good reasons.

First, it looks great in any garden setting with its attractive and stylish design. This is partly due to the five fixed windows along the front of the shed which allow in plenty of natural light. It also has two opening windows so you can control the internal temperature with ease. The windows make the Sun Pent more than a shed, they turn it into the ideal potting shed. Seed sewing is always an enjoyable part of gardening and you will gain even more pleasure working at the full length workbench, which comes as standard, in a weatherproof shed. The Sun Pent will protect your vulnerable plants until the weather is suitable for outdoor planting or you can grow potted plants all year round.

Secondly, this is not a flimsy shed, but one which is built to withstand the elements. Made from high quality spruce, which is more durable than pine, the 12mm shiplap tongue and groove walls, floor and roof will last for years. And there’s a ten year anti-rot guarantee for extra reassurance and a rim lock and key for security.

Thirdly, this shed can be painted; choose a striking colour and give some life to a mundane area of your garden, or stick to a conventional shade so that your shed blends into the background. A coat of paint will give even greater protection to the timber.

The combination of quality materials and plenty of natural light gives the building even more uses than a potting shed. Some customers have bought the larger sized Sun Pent for hobbies which require attention to detail such as model making or painting, and we’ve even heard of it being used as a hide to watch birds. The floor joists are strong enough to take more than average loads so you can store a range of materials and even some machinery.

Overall, the Sun Pent Potting Shed offers so much more than a conventional shed. Available in four sizes at an affordable price, the shed can be delivered within 14-21 working days and delivery is free for most mainland areas. Order yours today!

10th August 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Customer Stories: the Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Looking for a spacious garden shed that’s adaptable to your needs? Whether it’s storage, a workshop, or even an outdoor reception area you want, the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is a great option, and our customers think so too. Take a look at the images and reviews below:

Sara sent us this picture of her newly-assembled Shire Jersey Apex Shed, and we think it looks great. The large windows will let in plenty of sunlight, and it matches perfectly with the bench and table outside.

“It was easy to put together, looks amazing, and we are very happy. Thank you!”

One great thing about the Jersey is that all of the wall panels are interchangeable, meaning they can be positioned on any side and at different points along the shed walls. This makes the shed highly adaptable to your needs and those of your garden.

Sara has arranged her windows to be next to each other along the same wall, allowing daylight to flood in from that side and light up the whole room. This is ideal if you’re using the Jersey as a workshop or outdoor playroom, because it maximises the natural light available and can ensure there are large stretches of wall for shelving or larger equipment.

We absolutely love what John has done with his Shire Jersey Apex Shed. This is a great example of how painted and unpainted wood can look brilliant together, and the colour scheme works beautifully with the rest of his garden.

John also let us know about some extra fittings he added to make the Jersey truly his: “The floor panels and walls are insulated with 30mm polystyrene with electrics threaded through the structure, then panelled with 9mm OSB and 73mm guttering fitted.”

This is a great example of how accommodating and customisable the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is, able to be adapted to perfectly suit your needs. This shed is also amazing value for money, meaning that additional fittings like John’s can still result in a low-cost final result.

Interested in getting your own Shire Jersey Apex Shed? Take a look at the product page for more information, and order yours today!

3rd August 2018

Whitby Arches and Arbour

Whitby Arches and Arbour

Whitby, whaleboats and whalebones go together; but would you expect such connections to feature in your garden? Perhaps surprisingly, you should, and here at elbec we think you’ll be really delighted with the result. Let us explain.

The Whitby range from Forest Garden are a set of attractive, matching garden features inspired by a pair of whale jawbones which have intrigued visitors to the seaside town of Whitby for decades. The range includes the Whitby Arch, the Whitby Arbour, and the Whitby Extended Arch.

Made from mixed softwood which has been pressure treated to protect against rot for 15 years, the curved posts of the Whitby range have been achieved by carefully cutting and laminating the timbers, and the strong section rails make these garden structures ideal for supporting a range of climbing plants.

The Whitby Arch is perfect for adding a striking feature to your garden. With thick section rails 76cm deep, this arch is ideal for training even the most demanding of climbing plants, so you can create your own gorgeous garden centrepiece. The width between the arch posts is 1.4m so there’s plenty of room for all your garden equipment to get through. Even when set into the ground, the arch stands over 2m high, making a dramatic visual statement in any style of garden.

Those of you with larger gardens may prefer the Whitby Extended Arch, a deeper version of the original arch at 150cm deep. This is ideal if you want to create an area which provides greater shade from climbing plants, or if you’re planning a more adventurous planting scheme.

Also available is the Whitby Arbour, a version of the arch which includes a bench across the width. The seat is raised off the floor slightly and is hinged so that you can store items such as cushions inside. However, the storage area is not watertight so be aware it may not be suitable for all your storage needs during the winter months.

All products in the Whitby range come flat packed with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. All the fixings are included and construction should be quick and simple – plus, delivery is free to all parts of the mainland.

Install a Whitby Arch or Arbour and you will be able to combine the strength of a whale with a planting scheme that makes your garden very special and unique. Order yours today! 

27th July 2018

Customer Stories: the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse

Customer Stories: the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse

The ever-popular Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse is a great way to make the most of your garden, providing both an excellent use for that awkward corner and making a beautiful and practical focal point. Not sure yet, or looking for some summer inspiration? See what our customers did with their summerhouses below:

June and Harry have done an excellent job with their Hampton Summerhouse – it looks incredibly cosy. We particularly appreciate the heart above the door and the elegant colour scheme.

Adding a pair of curtains to the doorway is also a great touch, able to keep the glare off on a hot summer’s day and look stylish at the same time.

“Thanks for such a stress free order and delivery,” they said, adding that they’re looking forward to “many happy hours in our corner summerhouse”. Thank you for your beautiful pictures!

Hel’s version of the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse is decorated with neat garden furniture and cheerful bunting.

“I am soooo delighted with the house”, Hel said. “We ‘opened’ it with cosmos,” the tasty cocktails that have given the summerhouse its new name – Cosmo Cottage!

This fun and festive summer setup emphasises the Hampton’s instant style, and we’re sure the beautiful full-glazed double doors and matching windows will bring in plenty of light to enjoy those drinks by.

“This is our lovely summerhouse we got off you. We absolutely love it, thanks.”

Karen’s found a great sunny spot in the garden for her new Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse. We like how neat and stylish it looks with that paintwork.

The inside of the summerhouse is just as high quality, with a built-in tongue and groove construction in the floor to make the building better sealed from the elements. Weather resistant windows also mean that Karen can enjoy the Hampton for longer.

Kate is another of our happy customers who has nestled her Hampton in the corner of her colourful garden, and painted it in a beautiful colour scheme to match.

Colour is always a great way to add personality to your summerhouse, and there’s no end to the possibilities. Shire recommends that you apply a water-based top coat of your choice, and we have plenty of options available. Let your imagination run wild!

“We purchased a corner summerhouse from you which we are absolutely delighted with! Fantastic value for money and easy to assemble.”

We were blown away by this gorgeous setup – Lisa has made a proper little paradise with her Hampton.
The simple but stylish paint colours inside and out serve to accentuate the brighter colours of her accessories inside, and her amazing lighting means the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse can be enjoyed day and night. Those fairy lights are a wonderful, subtle detail too.

Interested in making your own Hampton haven? Check out the product page here.

20th July 2018

Box Clever – choose a plastic storage solution

Box Clever – choose a plastic storage solution

Storage! Does anyone ever think they have sufficient storage? Probably not.  Finding storage solutions is actually not difficult; there’s plenty of choice, but many of the options available tend to be expensive. If you’re looking for something that will improve your living conditions without breaking the bank, then it’s worth checking out elbec’s range of plastic storage.  Sensibly priced and catering for both indoor and outside use, there’s plenty to choose from.

Take, for example, the Shire range of plastic storage cupboards from just under £50 to £70 depending on the size. Made from robust polypropylene these storage cupboards have shelves and enough space to tuck a range of objects out of sight. Whether you want to store tins and toys or buckets and brooms, the Shire plastic storage cupboards are ideal for indoor use.

The Forest range of plastic storage boxes works well outside and all the options are very well-priced. Ranging from under £25 for a 1 metre cube wood effect storage box, to just under £150 for a large rattan effect garden storage box, there’s plenty of choice to solve all your storage problems. The Forest plastic storage solutions are made to withstand the weather so can be left outside all year round.

If you live near the coast then it’s worth considering the Lifetime plastic storage boxes which withstand salt air. Currently available from £125 - £160 these storage boxes provide a safe and secure place to store a range of possessions wherever you live.

Suncast also has a number of storage options ranging from deck boxes which double as seating, attractively priced at £169, to a rattan style vertical deck box at £325.

Although a plastic box will hide all sorts of objects, they aren’t much use for storing larger equipment such as lawnmowers or bikes. In such cases, only a shed will do and elbec offers a choice of sizes, styles and prices in its plastic range. 

Mercia plastic sheds range from 4x6 at £346 to 6x10 for under £600. All the options are ideal for storing garden equipment and have air vents which allow air to flow through the building to counteract condensation.

If you’re looking for a larger plastic shed, check out the Lifetime range which has high specifications but realistic prices. There’s plenty of choice and options for one or two doors which can be arranged to suit you.

Finding storage solutions does not have to be an expensive exercise if you choose from elbec’s range of plastic boxes and sheds. Whatever your garden style there’s something to suit the size of your property as well as the size of your pockets.

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