Everything You Need To Know About Our Shire Log Cabins

Everything You Need To Know About Our Shire Log Cabins

In this blog, we dive into the versatile world of our Shire Log Cabins, where the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! 

From serene relaxation havens and bustling home business hubs to inspired art studios and dedicated gyms, these are the best log cabins, as they can cater to many needs. 

Their popularity isn’t just a matter of aesthetics or space; the promise of thicker walls, robust roofs, and sturdy floors makes them the top choice for those seeking both function and form, all in one elegant package.

The Shire Brand

The name Shire invariably springs to mind when we think of quintessential British craftsmanship in log cabins. Rooted deeply in the UK’s artisanal history, Shire has carved a niche as a beacon of quality, design, and unparalleled durability. 

Over the years, they have crafted the best log cabins that brim with character, seamlessly blending the rustic charm of yesteryears with today's modern amenities.

Navigating the Shire garden buildings collection is like stepping into a curated gallery of timeless architecture. Every piece is a testament to their dedication to detail, sustainability, and passion for delivering the best to British homes. Whether it’s a garden retreat or a functional workspace, with Shire, you’re not just investing in a structure but in a legacy of British craftsmanship that promises to stand the test of time.

What Sets Shire Log Cabins Apart

One of Shire’s most commendable commitments to its customers is its 10-year anti-rot guarantee. This promise stands as a testament to the quality of the materials they use and their confidence in the longevity of their products. This provides peace of mind for homeowners, ensuring their investment remains robust against time.

Moreover, Shire prioritises flexibility in design. Many of their log cabins have the unique feature of allowing owners to swap the window and door on the front elevation. Such customizability ensures that the cabins can be tailored to individual preferences and specific plot requirements. However, checking the product page for this feature is always best, as it provides insights into these customisation options.

For those keen on wall thickness, Shire doesn’t disappoint! If you’ve set your sights on a Shire log cabin with a minimum wall thickness of 28mm, you’re in for a treat. These cabins can be crafted in 34mm, 44mm, or even 70mm thicker dimensions. However, it’s worth noting that this option is not available unless stated and doesn’t apply to corner log cabins or 19mm log cabins. As many of our clients have used the bespoke cabin service from Shire, we can confirm the prices of bespoke cabins when you make your design changes.

In essence, the Shire brand doesn’t just offer log cabins; they offer a legacy of quality, adaptability, and durability.

Some of the things our clients love about Shire Log Cabins:

  • Bespoke service - adapt the design to suit you
  • Manufactured in the UK - in the unfortunate event a part is required, this can be with you in most cases the next day
  • Skirting boards - not usually a feature that is included
  • Draft seal around all windows and doors - makes these cabins even cosier

Investing In A Shire Log Cabin: Summerhouse vs Log Cabin

The eternal debate between investing in a Shire summerhouse or a Shire log cabin often leaves potential buyers with a problem. While both have their merits, the log cabin consistently emerges as a frontrunner for various compelling reasons.

To start with, log cabins offer an innate sturdiness and longevity. They promise seasonal and year-round utility and are built with thicker walls and designed to withstand diverse weather conditions. This makes them more than just a summer retreat as they can transform into cosy winter hideaways, ensuring you get maximum value throughout the whole year.

Functionality is another feather in the cap for log cabins. Their robust construction makes them versatile enough to adapt to numerous uses. Whether it’s setting up a home office, an art studio, or a fitness space, log cabins seamlessly fit the bill. Their flexibility is unparalleled, making them a practical choice for diverse needs.

Most importantly, in today’s market, log cabins present an unbeatable proposition in terms of value. With incredibly competitive prices, now is perhaps the best time to invest. Contrary to the misconception that superior quality demands a premium, log cabins break the mould by offering both excellence and affordability. The value for money they bring to the table, especially in the current market scenario, is simply unmatched!

In conclusion, while summerhouses have their charm, Shire offers the best log cabins UK homeowners can acquire, making them the clear winners regarding durability, versatility, and economic value. If you’re on the fence, now is the opportune moment to lean into the log cabin experience and reap its myriad benefits.

Popular Shire Log Cabins & Their Features

Finding the best log cabin is a straightforward process. We recommend focusing on the popular cabin models and creating a shortlist of those whose features align with your intended use, purpose, and aspirations. 

By reviewing our popular Shire log cabins below, you should be able to find the cabin that is your perfect match and maybe even highlight a few additional benefits, features, and advantages you have not already considered!

Log Cabins With Side Sheds

The Shire Walsoken Log Cabin With Side Shed is a magnificent blend of functionality and beauty. Constructed using the finest Scandinavian timber, its craftsmanship is rooted in the UK’s expertise, leveraging the latest manufacturing machines to provide a stunning yet robust finish.

The strength of this log cabin is evident in its high-quality 19mm thick interlocking logs, designed meticulously to fend off adverse weather conditions. However, it’s not just about protection, as the Shire Walsoken is a beacon of versatility, offering both a summerhouse and a side shed in one cohesive design. Depending on your space and preference, the side shed can conveniently be placed on either the left or right-hand side.

Natural illumination is a key feature, with one side opening window that ensures you can welcome the sun’s rays on those bright days. Complementing this is the fully-glazed double doors, which are inviting in abundant sunlight and enhance the cabin’s visual appeal.

Prioritising security, both doors come equipped with locks and keys are provided to ensure peace of mind. A thick tongue and groove timber roof and floor further accentuate the cabin’s resilience. This acts as a protective barrier against the elements and adds a touch of elegance to its interior, making the Shire Walsoken a delightful addition to any garden space.

Meet the Shire Elm Log Cabin, a seamless blend of relaxation and utility for your garden. This cabin, infused with British craftsmanship, promises light and airy interiors, thanks to its fully glazed double doors and spacious windows. Crafted from tough acrylic, these windows ensure safety for the whole family whilst inside; its versatile space can transition from a hobby room to an entertainment hub. The attached side shed also provides convenient storage, perfect for garden tools or seasonal furniture. Constructed with ethically sourced, FSC® certified timber, this garden cabin not only exudes quality but also champions sustainability.

Equipped with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, the Shire Elm assures durability. Also, its superior build is further exemplified by the high-grade, slow-grown Spruce, handcrafted joinery, and lockable features for enhanced security. 

While an optional assembly service is available, the cabin’s flat-packed design and clear instructions make DIY assembly straightforward. Whether you opt for the 10x14 or 10x17 model, this log cabin is a testament to impeccable design, functionality, and eco-consciousness.

Elevate your garden’s ambience with the Shire Edgefield Pent Log Cabin, a beacon of serenity and style. Its 2/4 glazed double doors, accompanied by a large front window, cast a luminous embrace over its interiors, with windows crafted from sturdy, family-friendly acrylic. The space within beckons personalisation, ready to adapt to evolving desires and purposes.

Exemplifying British artisanship, the Shire Edgefield stands on sustainability and ethical sourcing pillars, with its timber proudly bearing the FSC® certification from well-regulated forests. Longevity is a given as it’s supported by a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer’s assurance. 

Designed for easy assembly, this log cabin boasts high-calibre interlocking logs, stable four-way corner joints, and the strength of slow-grown Spruce, chosen for its fine grain, minimal sap, and few knots. For security, the cabin features lockable double doors, and the meticulous joinery on display echoes its unmatched quality. 

Whether you choose the 8x11 or the 10x11 model, the Shire Edgefield can bring versatility and enduring beauty to any garden. Optional professional assembly can further simplify your journey to this garden sanctuary.

Corner Log Cabins With Side Shed

Transform those tricky garden corners with the uniquely designed Shire Rowney Corner Log Cabin with the side shed on the right-hand side. Its corner-centric design not only maximises underused garden spaces but also introduces a distinct roofline and offers panoramic views from within. 

Crafted with Shire’s trademark excellence, this cabin boasts 4-way corner joints and superior interlocking logs, ensuring stability and longevity. Also, the Shire draught seal system on all external openings promises a cosy interior throughout the year. 

The 28mm thick wall logs offer adequate insulation on corner log cabins. Bespoke window glazing is available for those seeking an elegant touch. You can change the traditional Georgian windows for plain, modern glazing. Contact our sales team for a quote. Complementing this, Celotex roof and floor insulation can be added for optimal comfort. Security is noticed, too, as the doors come equipped with a mortise lock and key, and the storage area's windowless design, coupled with a lockable door, safeguards your valuables. This cabin doesn't just promise utility but also delivers on style and resilience.

With the side shed on the left-hand side and crafted from high-grade, slow-grown Spruce timber, we have the Shire Leygrove Log Cabin, showcasing a tight grain that enhances strength, durability, and appealing aesthetics. Its robust construction is underpinned by 28mm interlocking logs and complemented by the innovative Shire Draught Seal System on all external openings.

Above each window and door, drip bars are meticulously positioned to channel rain away, while the cabin’s roof, fashioned from thick tongue and groove timber, not only stands resilient against the elements but also graces the interior with a beautiful finish. Beneath the cabin, 34mm x 61mm pressure-treated floor bearers ensure longevity, and the added storage space is a practical touch. The full-length, lockable double doors with elegant joinery glazing make an impactful and secure entrance.

Inside, the Shire Leygrove is refined with skirting boards and a generous roof height that ensures ample space. Being environmentally conscious, it’s constructed using FSC Certified timber, and for those seeking a touch of luxury, options include felt roof tiles, 4mm toughened glass, and 14mm double glazing to enhance safety and insulation.

Corner Log Cabins

Perfectly crafted to fit virtually any garden corner, the Shire Ardcastle Log Cabin is a testament to Shire’s commitment to quality and design. Boasting 4-way corner joints and superior interlocking logs, the robust and stable structure of the Ardcastle promises lasting strength. 

Each cabin benefits from Shire’s draught seal system on all external windows and doors, ensuring a cosy interior experience. The 28mm thick logs offer reliable insulation throughout the year, but options for double glazing and quality Celotex roof and floor insulation are available for those seeking added warmth.

For homeowners on the move, the Ardcastle’s design allows for dismantling and reassembly, offering unparalleled flexibility. While the cabin comes with comprehensive assembly instructions for the DIY enthusiast, Shire also provides a professional assembly service for a hassle-free installation experience. When choosing Ardcastle, you invest in a log cabin that seamlessly blends functionality with style.

Contemporary Log Cabins

Elevate your garden with the modern allure of the Shire Marlborough Log Cabin, flaunting a contemporary style enhanced by a front roof overhang. A particularly handy feature in the hot summer months as it helps keep the cabin interior cool. This log cabin is a sublime fit for any garden aesthetic! 

Crafted from high-grade, slow-grown spruce timber, the tight grain ensures robust strength, longevity, and a superior build that stands as a garden centrepiece. The structure is durable with its 28mm interlocking logs, upgradable to thicker wall logs if required. Strong pressure-treated floor bearers give it a sturdy base, and the cabin also boasts a Shire draught seal system on all external windows and doors, ensuring a snug fit. 

The thick tongue, groove roof, and floor lend durability and an inviting interior ambience. The double doors, fitted with 4mm toughened glass, provide a secure yet elegant entrance, and for added flexibility, their position can be reversed to suit your preference.

Adding to its versatility, the Shire Marlborough offers a range of customisation options. You can opt for the optional felt roof tiles for a refined finish or the 14mm double glazing to bolster insulation and safety. Adaptable to your needs, you can personalise with side windows or window boxes to ensure the cabin mirrors your style.

The Marlborough is a customer favourite for using the bespoke design option. Top customisations for this log cabin include:

  • The roof style changes to a pent-roof
  • Door move - change to centre and then add windows on either side
  • Add side storage
  • Opt for longer windows

Keeping in sync with sustainability, this Shire log cabin is crafted using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified timber, underscoring our commitment to an environmentally-conscious design. A made-to-measure service is also available if one of the ten sizes doesn't fit.

The Shire Belgravia Log Cabin is available in four sizes, tailored to suit your garden's wants and needs, where you can dive into an oasis of comfort, whether working or unwinding amidst nature. 

This log cabin exudes a modern allure with its sleek design and the added touch of an attractive pent roof, complemented by a gentle overhang that offers just the right shade. Step inside to appreciate the spaciousness amplified by generous headroom to ensure freedom of movement. 

Shire's hallmark of quality resonates in every beam and board, from the thick tongue and groove timber that forms the sturdy roof and floor to the 34mm x 61mm pressure-treated floor bearers. The Shire draught seal system fitted on all external windows and doors is a testament to our dedication to quality, as are the drip bars positioned above them. Security meets style with wide-opening double doors, inviting you into this garden sanctuary. The Belgravia doesn't just offer a space; it promises an experience!

Traditional Log Cabins

Available in two sizes, the Shire Berryfield Log Cabin is a delightful addition to any garden, blending exceptional charm with functionality. Its open and luminous interior and appealing exterior design make it a standout feature and a relaxing spot. 

Key attributes include half-glazed double doors and a front window, which infuses the cabin with light and creates an airy atmosphere. 19mm wall logs give the walls a wonderful traditional finish. Also, its alluring design is accentuated by a slightly overhanging roof, adding a touch of elegance.

Furthermore, security is prioritised with the mortice lock and key doors, ensuring the safety of your belongings. Built with the robustness and durability synonymous with Shire Log Cabins, the Berryfield is a cabin and an experience available at a budget-friendly price.

The Shire Epping Log Cabin embodies the essence of traditional cabin design, accentuated by upgraded toughened glass glazing. Its fully-glazed front features two opening windows and wide double doors, all designed in the elegant Georgian style, illuminating the cabin's interior with natural light and creating a spacious feel. A notable feature is the 400mm roof overhang, which enhances the exterior aesthetics and offers a sheltered outdoor space.

Renowned for its impeccable construction quality, every Shire Log Cabin ensures durability and style. The Epping cabin boasts a generous roof height and an interior neatly finished with skirting boards. 

Plus, for those seeking a personalised touch, a bespoke, made-to-measure service is available to tailor the cabin to your unique specifications. The Epping is available in nine different sizes, and if there isn’t the right size displayed, then contact us for a bespoke version!

Log Cabins With Reverse Apex Roof

The Shire Wykenham Log Cabin stands out with its distinctive, stylish asymmetrical roof, blends a pent and reverse apex style, and ensures an eye-catching presence in any garden setting. 

The fully-glazed front boasts double doors and full-length windows, complemented by large double windows on the sides, ensuring ample natural light influx and providing panoramic views of the surroundings. High-quality specifications come standard with the Wykenham, including upgraded toughened glass windows and robust 34mm thick wall logs.

Furthermore, its design incorporates features like 19mm thick tongue and groove roofing and flooring, often seen as upgrades in other cabins. For those looking to add a touch of luxury, an optional veranda is available at a fantastic price, perfect for enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of this exquisite log cabin. The Shire Wykenham is available in three sizes.

Logs Cabins For Hot Tubs

Designed with the utmost precision, the Shire Bere Log Cabin is the ultimate companion for your hot tub, ensuring steam can vent while offering optimal shelter and seclusion. Beyond its primary function, it seamlessly transitions into an elegant outdoor entertainment hub, perfect for BBQs, dinner parties, or garden games.

This cabin isn’t just a functional addition as it is a stylish alternative to conventional gazebos. As with all Shire Log Cabins, expect unparalleled construction quality. 

For those seeking a tailored touch, we offer various sizes and customisation through our bespoke and made-to-measure services.

Delivery, Assembly & Maintenance 

When investing in a log cabin, the entire process from order to installation should be seamless, and with Shire, it’s exactly that!

While the thrill of assembling a log cabin might appeal to some, others might prefer a hands-off approach. Catering to this varied clientele, an optional installation service is readily available to ensure your log cabin is set up to perfection by professionals.

Timeliness is at the core of Shire’s ethos, as for many of the log cabin collections, customers can expect delivery within approximately 4 weeks. This means the anticipation of waiting for your new space is reduced, making the entire process swift and efficient. The 4-week delivery time is available with the majority of designs, you will need to wait a little longer for bespoke cabin design and cabin installation services.

Because we understand the busy schedules of our clientele, we offer the ability to pick a convenient delivery date at the time of order. It’s worth noting that this exceptional feature is exclusive to the Shire and Mercia collections.

From the moment you decide on your log cabin, our dedicated sales team personally oversees your order to delivery. Their hands-on approach ensures that every detail, no matter how minute, is addressed, providing a tailored customer experience.

Pride in local craftsmanship shines through with every Shire log cabin, where each is carefully made in the UK. This not only stands as a testament to quality, but it also offers practical benefits. In the unlikely event that anything is amiss or missing from your order, the proximity of their manufacturing facilities ensures that, in many cases, replacement parts can be dispatched as soon as the very next day.

In essence, with Shire, the journey from selection to assembly is as robust and refined as the log cabins. And lastly, ensuring the right treatment can significantly extend the lifespan of your building. This is why we offer Protek Paint and wood treatments, as these stand above others in the market.

Protek Boasts

Protek Paint has many features and properties that differentiate it from its competitors, such as:

  • Stellar reviews on Trustpilot compared to other top brands
  • As a specialist brand, Protek is not found in generic DIY stores
  • It is manufactured with Acrylic, unlike wax, which can start to wash off at the first touch of rain
  • Available in a rich palette of diverse colours
  • elbec garden buildings has been a proud distributor of Protek for a decade 
  • All our display structures feature Protek
  • We offer an ongoing multi-buy promotion

Customisation Options

With Shire, customers can make the most out of bespoke services, including:

  • Adding a partition or more
  • Adding extra doors and windows, with the option to mix and match windows and doors across the Shire range
  • Adding a veranda
  • Choosing a larger front roof overhang
  • Opting for additional insulation in the roof and floor
  • Changing the roof style
  • Selecting the option that comes without a floor to accommodate a hot tub (you can request a quote for a different size or consider any Shire log cabins to accommodate a hot tub, as they can be manufactured without a floor)

Final Thoughts

And there you have it - our top Shire Log Cabins and their exquisite features! 

If you want to find out more, contact us for assistance and guidance, and our friendly team will be happy to help you find your dream log cabin! 

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