6x3 Shed Top Offers

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The 3 x 6 Shire Pent Overlap Shed with Double Doors is a space-saving and great value garden storage solution made from quality pressure treated timber. The key features include:

  • Compact footprint and space-saving design perfect for smaller gardens or alleyways
  • Quality pressure treated timber for a longer life
  • Wide-opening double doors for easy access and flexibility over what you can fit inside
  • 15 year anti-rot guarantee
ONLY £274.99

The 3 x 6 Shire Shiplap Bike Store is an ideal way to free up room in your existing garage, shed or other storage areas by providing a home for up to three bikes. With a compact design that is ideal when you have limited space, the key features of this product include:

  • Wide opening double doors enabling easy access to your bikes or other stored items

  • Quality shiplap tongue and groove wall construction protecting stored items from the elements

  • Compact footprint ideal for narrow side entrances or patios while providing space to store up to 3 bikes

  • Hasp and staple locking mechanism so you can secure your stored items with a padlock

ONLY £289.99
Save £15.00
Was £304.99

A compact and great value shed, the 6 x 3 Forest Pressure Treated Overlap Lean-to Shed with no windows is ideal for adding secure storage to a smaller garden, a narrow passage or an alleyway. It features a stylish lean-to roof which stands it apart from other shed designs. Other key features include:

  • No windows to protect contents from prying eyes
  • Modular design with a range of improved features
  • Single secure door with hasp and staple
  • Pressure treated with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee for peace of mind
FROM £309.99
Save £29.71
Was £339.70

The Forest 6x3 Beckwood Pent Shed is a compact windowless shed from Forest. The Beckwood series is a perfect fit for those looking for a maintenance-free garden. Key features include:

  • Pressure treated with a 25-year anti-rot guarantee - longest on the market
  • Maintenance-free- preservative never needed
  • Single door with enhanced security featuring ledging and bracing
  • No windows
  • Adaptable design - door can be repositioned
  • Our White Glove service ensures delivery directly to your garden.
  • Made by Forest, with a legacy of over 50 years in the industry and more than 2 million sheds produced
FROM £384.99
Save £37.32
Was £422.31

6x3 Shed Top Offers

Able to fit into most gardens, these compact 6 x 3 garden sheds can save on space and cost at the same time thanks to many great offers from elbec. With many types of cladding and roof styles, there is something for every garden among this selection - whatever your budget.