Bespoke and Made to Measure Log Cabins

If you’re looking for a bespoke and made to measure log cabin, we can help. We provide free quotes for custom log cabins and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by how many options and extras that we can offer as part of this excellent service. There are lots of different ways we can help you to design your perfect log cabin, including:

  • Different Sizes
    If you have a size for your log cabin in mind that you don’t see offered on our website, we can offer a made to measure cabin, just for you. If your garden is an awkward width, length or shape, this service is ideal for ensuring you get a cabin that will really make the most of your available space. Alternatively, you may simply have decided that the style of log cabin you like doesn’t have a size large enough (or indeed small enough) for what you need. Whatever your needs, we are confident we can deliver with our fully customised service.

  • Changing Log Thickness
    On most of the log cabin ranges that we offer a bespoke and made to measure service, 28mm thick logs are supplied as standard. Many customers choose to upgrade the thickness of their walls and the majority of our Shire Log Cabins can be upgraded to 34mm, 44mm or 70mm thick walls. Simply put, the thicker the wall, the cosier the interior will be, giving you the flexibility to use the building all-year-round. This is an especially popular choice for customers looking to use their custom log cabin as a home office, a guest room or as a workshop.

  • Including roof and floor insulation
    Quality roof and floor insulation is available from Celotex to keep your log cabin nice and snug on the inside at all times. Again, as with upgraded log thickness, this is always a popular option for customers who intend to use their cabins as a home office, a guest room or as a workshop.

  • Adding, relocating or removing windows
    If you want extra natural light in your cabin or think that an alternative window location to what you see offered on our website would best suit your garden space, we can make these changes for you. You know your garden best and you know where the best places are to catch the sunlight, so you can leave it with us to design a log cabin that will help you make the most of those bright and beautiful days.

  • Changing window styles
    If there is a style of window that you have seen elsewhere or on another of our log cabins that you would prefer for your garden building, we can make the necessary customisations. Do you love a particular log cabin design but think it would look better with the top hinged windows and Georgian-style glazing you find on the Ropsley and Livia Log Cabins instead? Would you prefer full-length windows, similar to those you find on the Wykenham or Argyll Log Cabins, to enhance the amount of light that can flood into your cabin? These are just a couple of examples of changes that we could make for you.

  • Mixing and matching the styles of windows
    If you think that plain glazing looks great on the front of your log cabin but that Georgian-style is better suited to your side window, we can provide a mixture of styles. This is just one example of the sort of change you might make to your windows, so if you have something different in mind, simply get in contact and we will see what we can do.

  • Adding or relocating doors
    If you would like access to your log cabin from a door located in an alternative place than what is shown on our website, this can be arranged. Alternatively, you may even like an extra door, perhaps to give side or back entry to your log cabin in addition to front entry. Whatever you have in mind for the location of a door, we can deliver.

  • Changing door styles
    If you have seen a style of door elsewhere or on another of our log cabins that you think would be a better fit for your favourite design, we can change this for you. Sometimes, the style of door supplied as standard simply doesn’t suit what you intend to use your log cabin for. Perhaps you’d like the added privacy and security of a solid door, similar to the one you will find on the Belham Log Cabin, so it can be used as a log cabin guest room. Alternatively, you might prefer a half-glazed door to be changed to a full-glazed door, similar to those on a Marlborough Log Cabin; this will help you to create a bright, airy interior perfect for relaxing on a sunny day. Whatever you think would be best, we are confident that we can deliver.

  • Adding or removing a room partition
    If you would like to separate your log cabin into two or more rooms, we can provide a room partition to cater to your needs.This customisation option is ideal for dividing a log cabin into separate spaces for work and leisure. Indeed, a popular use of room partitioning is to allow customers to use one area as a home office and the other as a place to relax or entertain guests. Alternatively, some of our cabins are supplied with room partitions as standard, such as the Firestone or the Elveden, but we can arrange to remove these for you if you would prefer a larger, open space. However you picture your log cabin’s interior layout, we will build our design around your needs.

  • Removing a porch
    On some log cabin designs, a porch is included. If you would prefer a little extra internal space and are not convinced that the porch is right for you, we can remove it. This is a choice that some customers make when ordering the Elveden Log Cabin, for example.

  • Changing the style of roof
    If there is a style of roof that you have seen elsewhere or on another of our log cabins that you would prefer for your chosen design, we can make this change. You may think a certain log cabin is ideal for you in every way but that it would really be brought to life by a pent roof, similar to the roof of a Dean Log Cabin, instead of a traditional apex roof. Alternatively, you may like the appearance of a reverse apex roof but think it could be improved by the distinctive, off-centre ridge that you find on our Wykenham Log Cabins. Whatever it is you like, we are here to ensure you don’t have to compromise when designing and purchasing the log cabin of your dreams.

  • Adding or removing a roof overhang
    If you like a style of log cabin but don’t think that the overhanging roof that is part of its design is right for you, we can remove or reduce the overhang. You may simply not have enough space for a large roof overhang, such as the 4ft overhang on the Glenmore Log Cabin, but your favourite design is otherwise perfect for what you want. Alternatively, you may love a particular log cabin design but think it would be enhanced by the addition of a roof overhang, perhaps to provide a shady spot to relax on a hot day or a sheltered area to remove shoes before entering. Either way, we can make this change for you.

  • Adding side storage
    If you would like to add a side storage annexe to your log cabin, we can provide this service. Although we offer designs with a side storage area as standard, such as the Bourne Log Cabin, you may prefer an alternative style of log cabin but still need extra storage space for your garden. By using our bespoke service, we can attach a useful side storage area to almost any style of log cabin, providing you with a garden building that gives you a place to enjoy in your leisure time as well as a practical area for garden tools, furniture, kids’ toys and more.

  • Adding a side porch
    If you would like a side porch added to your log cabin, perhaps as a useful place to remove muddy shoes before stepping inside, we can provide this for you. If you are thinking about a bespoke cabin with a side porch, take a look at the designs of the Twyford or Elveden Log Cabins for inspiration on what you might choose for your custom log cabin design.

  • Adding a terrace
    A popular choice is to add a terrace area to the front of a log cabin where customers like to relax on a hot day. Often, they will have seen how great a terrace looks on our Wykenham Log Cabins and would love to add one to an alternative log cabin design. Not only do they look elegant, but they provide a wonderful spot to enjoy a few drinks when the sun is shining against the stunning backdrop of your log cabin.

  • Adding a veranda
    Many customers looking to bring their log cabins to life choose to add a stunning veranda. Often, they will have seen how wonderful a veranda looks on our Sherwood or Kingswood Log Cabins and would love to add one to an alternative log cabin design. These attractive additions bring a real touch of class to your log cabin package, as well as offering a shady and sheltered spot to relax against the beautiful setting of your log cabin. What’s more, we hear time and time again how the picture in our customers’ heads of their dream log cabin includes a veranda; we have had no problems making these dreams a reality for many of our past customers.

  • You can send us a drawing
    Can you picture your perfect log cabin but haven’t seen anything for sale anywhere that matches what you have in mind? Send us in a drawing of what you are imagining and we’ll see what we can do to help you get your dream log cabin.

  • You can send us a photograph
    Have you seen something that you would love to base your own log cabin on? Perhaps something in a magazine or something a neighbour has built themselves? Send us a photograph and we will see if we can design exactly what it is you are after.

If our bespoke and made to measure service is something that interests you, get in contact today for a free quote. You can either send us an email via our contact us page or, better yet, give us a call so we can start designing your perfect log cabin. Alternatively, why not pay a visit to our Brookfields Garden Centre showsite near Nottingham? There, you will be able to sit down with one of our garden building experts who will be able to talk you through the process of ordering a bespoke and made to measure log cabin and give you a free, no obligation quote.