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5 Litre Pot

Are you hoping to protect a large surface area of timber against the elements while giving it a rich colour that sets your garden apart from the crowd? If so, look no further than this collection of 5-litre tins from the Protek Royal Exterior range. With enough paint to cover roughly 30-50 square metres of timber per coat, this size offers excellent coverage for its cost.

We recommend five litres to anyone hoping to paint summerhouses, sheds, log cabins, or a large number of fence panels. But the high-quality nature of Protek’s Royal Exterior timber paint means that it’s also a great choice for garden furniture or even terracotta plant pots. Predicting the exact amount of coverage provided by a quantity of paint can be difficult to predict and will vary between types of timber, so we recommend looking at Protek's own coverage calculator if you would like a more precise idea of what a 5-litre tin of Protek Royal Exterior can achieve.

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