The Differences Between Potting Sheds And Greenhouses

The Differences Between Potting Sheds And Greenhouses

In the enchanting gardening world, the difference between potting sheds and greenhouses often emerges as a topic of considerable interest. 

In this blog, we unravel this garden conundrum with expertise and clarity, where you'll discover all you need to know about these two pivotal structures, each a haven for gardening enthusiasts. 

We will guide you through the unique characteristics that define potting sheds and greenhouses, illuminating the difference between a potting shed and a greenhouse. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding green thumb, understanding these differences is key to choosing the perfect structure for your horticultural pursuits.

Moreover, we take pride in showcasing our most popular models of potting sheds and greenhouses, each carefully selected to enhance your gardening experience. So, let us embark on this green journey together, exploring the nuances that make potting sheds and greenhouses distinct yet equally essential in gardening.

All You Need To Know About Potting Sheds

In the delightful debate of greenhouse vs potting shed, the latter holds a special place in the hearts of gardeners who cherish a personal, enclosed space for their gardening activities. 

Potting sheds are not just structures; they are sanctuaries where seeds of passion are sown and nurtured. So, let’s delve into the essentials of potting sheds, from their purpose to their unique features.


At its core, a potting shed is a dedicated space for potting plants, nurturing seedlings, and performing other gardening tasks. 

It is a gardener's retreat, offering protection from the elements while providing a conducive environment for gardening projects. Potting sheds are often used throughout the year, proving versatile and multi-functional. Greenhouses can be used year-round, depending on what you choose to grow in them.


Potting sheds are known for their sturdy design and practical features. 

Large windows allow for ample natural light, essential for plant growth, while robust shelving and workbenches provide convenient spaces for gardening tasks. The blend of functionality and comfort makes potting sheds a favourite among gardeners who require both a workspace and a storage solution.


The construction of potting sheds is a testament to durability and aesthetics. Primarily built using timber, these structures offer a natural, rustic appeal that complements any garden setting. 

Options like Shiplap cladding provide additional weather resistance and aesthetic value, while a pent or apex roof influences the internal space and the shed's overall appearance. This attention to construction detail ensures that each potting shed is functional and a visually appealing addition to your garden!


Functionality is at the heart of a potting shed's design. 

With a focus on practicality, these sheds offer ample space for gardening tasks while keeping tools and supplies organised. The interior layout is often customisable, allowing gardeners to create a space that best suits their needs, whether for propagation, storage or simply enjoying a quiet moment amidst their plants.

Storage & Organisation

One of the key advantages of a potting shed is its ability to double as a storage unit.

Shelves are thoughtfully integrated to keep gardening tools, pots, and other essentials organised. It maximises the use of space and enhances the overall gardening experience, making potting sheds an invaluable asset for any gardener looking to bring order and efficiency to their horticultural pursuits.

All You Need To Know About Greenhouses

In the dynamic world of gardening, the role of a greenhouse is pivotal. In contrast to the potting shed, a greenhouse is designed to create an optimal growing environment for many plants. 

In this section, we explore the essentials of greenhouses, highlighting how they differ from and complement potting sheds.


The primary purpose of a greenhouse is to provide a controlled environment that fosters plant growth throughout the year.

It is particularly beneficial for growing exotic plants or extending the growing season of vegetables and fruits. Unlike a potting shed, which focuses on storage and potting activities, a greenhouse is a plant haven, allowing gardeners to cultivate a diverse flora regardless of external weather conditions. 


Greenhouses are equipped with features that cater specifically to plant cultivation.

These include transparent panels that maximise sunlight exposure, ventilation for air circulation, and, often, integrated watering systems. The greenhouse design focuses on maximising light and heat, essential elements for plant growth, making it a perfect complement to the more enclosed space of a potting shed.


The greenhouse construction is centred around creating a light-filled, insulated environment. 

The frame is typically made from aluminium or wood, offering strength and stability. The panels are usually constructed from glass or polycarbonate, chosen for their transparency and ability to retain heat. This construction ensures that greenhouses are functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to any garden.

Temperature Control

One of the key features of a greenhouse is its ability to regulate temperature. 

It is crucial for creating a stable environment that can support a variety of plants. Gardeners can use heating systems during colder months and employ shading and ventilation during warmer periods to maintain the ideal temperature. 

This level of control sets a greenhouse apart from a potting shed and makes it an indispensable tool for serious gardeners.

Plant Diversity

The controlled environment of a greenhouse allows for an impressive diversity of plants to be grown. 

From delicate orchids to robust vegetables, greenhouses provide the conditions necessary for a wide range of plant species to thrive. This ability to support diverse plant life is a significant advantage of a greenhouse over a potting shed, particularly for gardeners interested in exotic or out-of-season plants.

Our Most Popular Potting Sheds & Greenhouses

Welcome to our most popular potting sheds & greenhouses, where we showcase a curated selection of our finest structures, each embodying excellence in design and functionality! 

We reveal the cream of the crop, the models that have captivated the hearts of gardening enthusiasts. Here, you will find an array of greenhouses and potting sheds, each with its unique charm and practicality, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of gardeners. 

Whether seeking a cosy nook for your potting endeavours or a sophisticated plant sanctuary, our popular models will inspire and impress!

Potting Sheds 

Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed

Discover the Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed, an exquisite blend of practicality and style for any garden. It’s a popular choice with customers because we offer customisation options, so you can make it your own.

Crafted from high-quality spruce, this 8x6 (2.44m x 1.79m) structure boasts a sleek pent roof and 12mm shiplap cladding, ensuring robust protection against the elements. 

The design features a distinctive front window span, flooding the interior with natural light and making it perfect for gardening and a serene summerhouse. With its comprehensive 10-year anti-rot guarantee, this shed offers a lasting addition to your outdoor space. 

The Shire Sun Pent integrates functionality with elegance; the generous windows include fixed and opening options, providing ample ventilation for plant growth. It comes equipped with a full-length workbench, ideal for potting and storage. The sturdy 34x34mm framing ensures durability, while the heavy-duty green mineral roofing felt adds a layer of weather resistance. 

This potting shed, pre-treated with a golden brown base coat, is ready for your personal touch with a range of Protek Paint options. Embrace the blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality with the Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed, a harmonious addition to any garden enthusiast's haven!

Shire Iceni Potting Shed (Door On Left Hand Side)

Step into the Shire Iceni Potting Shed, a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal, perfect for the discerning gardener. This 8x6 (2.39m x 1.79m) potting shed combines a traditional shed's utility with the light-enriched greenhouse environment. Constructed from high-quality spruce with 12mm Shiplap tongue and groove cladding, it offers durability and protection against the elements.

The shed features a stylish pent roof and full-length, styrene-glazed frontage, ensuring a sun-drenched interior ideal for plant growth. The Iceni Potting Shed is designed with gardeners in mind, featuring a convenient potting shelf and an opening side window for temperature and airflow regulation. We offer customisation options on the Iceni, and it’s available with the door on the right side.

The stable door on the left-hand side is lockable for security, and the shed is equipped with environmentally friendly, shatterproof styrene windows alongside one horticultural glass window. The stable door is ideal when potting in early Spring, as you can regulate the temperature when it’s still cold outside. This potting shed promises long-lasting performance with its robust 44mm framework. It also comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, ensuring it remains a beautiful and functional feature in your garden for years.

Shire Shiplap Apex Sun Hut Potting Shed

The Shire Shiplap Apex Sun Hut Potting Shed is a versatile and charming addition to any garden! It comes in a wide range of sizes.  Although there are many similar models on the market, others do not offer opening windows like the Sun Hut.

This 6x4 (1.19m x 1.86m) structure is perfect for gardeners valuing form and function. Constructed from high-quality spruce, it features robust 12mm Shiplap cladding and a sturdy apex roof, providing excellent protection from the elements and a classic look.

The Sun Hut boasts four windows, including two openings and two fixed, ensuring a well-lit, ventilated space ideal for various gardening tasks. Its double doors open wide, offering easy access and enhancing its airy feel. The shed includes a practical potting shelf, making it an ideal space for nurturing plants and seedlings. For added security, the doors are fitted with a padbolt, ready for a padlock.

This potting shed is a functional workspace and an attractive feature in any garden. The Sun Hut has a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, ensuring its durability and longevity. Whether used for storage, potting, or as a relaxing garden retreat, the Shire Shiplap Apex Sun Hut Potting Shed is a delightful choice for those seeking quality and style in their gardening endeavours.


Shire Holkham Wooden Greenhouse

The Shire Holkham Wooden Greenhouse is a gardener's dream, elegantly combining functionality with a serene working atmosphere. It comes in various sizes, and we offer a customisation service to adapt the design to suit your needs. You can also choose to have the greenhouse pre-painted at the time of order.

This beautifully crafted 6x8 (1.79m x 2.38m) greenhouse is made from high-quality spruce, featuring a traditional design with a modern twist. The greenhouse's expansive windows on every side allow maximum sunlight, creating an ideal environment for various plants.

The Holkham's construction includes 12mm tongue and groove cladding and a robust 34mm x 58mm frame, ensuring durability and stability. Its apex roof is fitted with toughened glass and includes two skylights with automatic Bayliss openers, providing optimal temperature control. The single door, complemented by a traditional gate latch handle, adds to its classic charm.

This greenhouse offers a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a pressure-treated base frame for longevity. After installation, its dip-treated timbers require a preservative and waterproof topcoat, ensuring the high-quality finish is maintained. The Shire Holkham Wooden Greenhouse is a testament to Shire's commitment to producing the finest garden buildings, making it a standout choice for any gardening enthusiast looking to enhance their outdoor space!

Elite High Eave Aluminium Greenhouse Range

The Elite High Eave Aluminium Greenhouse Range offers a spacious and efficient growing environment for novice and seasoned gardeners. 

Available in various lengths starting from 6x4, this greenhouse range stands out with its extra high eaves height, providing more growing space within the same footprint. The greenhouse has a durable aluminium frame and a large roof vent(s) for superior air circulation.

The integral aluminium base and gutter system add structural strength and assist with effective drainage. The single sliding door, designed for ease of use, includes a durable door catch and allows ground-level access, facilitating the movement of wheelbarrows and other garden tools. The Elite High Eave Greenhouse also offers options for toughened glass, diamond staging, and diamond shelving, allowing for a customised gardening experience.

This greenhouse range is ideal for those looking to maximise their growing area without overwhelming their garden space. Elite have one of the largest ranges of aluminium greenhouses, and it is available in many traditional and modern colours. Our customisation service allows you to switch up elements of the design to suit your needs.

With its robust construction and thoughtful features, the Elite High Eave Aluminium Greenhouse Range is perfect for creating a thriving garden oasis!

Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse

The Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse is a masterpiece of design and practicality, winning the Garden Landscaping category at the GIMA 2019 awards. Its unique, compact structure, measuring 4x3 (1.26m x 0.96m), is perfect for small or awkwardly shaped gardens, courtyards, patios, and urban settings. This greenhouse offers a generous height, providing ample growing space within its surprisingly small footprint.

Its innovative design includes eight separate ‘wall’ sections with four opening doors, allowing you to customise door placement to suit your space. The four doors allow you to access the greenhouse from 4 sides,  thereby maximising the growing space as access is from the outside and not required on the inside. This flexibility maximises the internal growing area, as the floor space isn't compromised for access. The slatted staging is removable, catering to hands-on gardening and taller plant growth. The greenhouse is made from pressure-treated timber, ensuring durability and longevity, backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

The Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse, glazed entirely in shatterproof styrene, offers safety for busy gardens or family homes. It features an opening roof vent window for temperature control and ventilation, essential for plant health. The greenhouse's charming design, with its classic timber structure and picturesque finials, makes it a visually appealing addition to any garden. 

Delivered flat-packed with detailed instructions, it's ready for self-assembly, making it an ideal choice for gardeners seeking a practical yet stylish growing space.


In conclusion, our exploration of potting sheds and greenhouses has illuminated the unique qualities and benefits each can bring to your gardening experience. 

Whether you're drawn to a greenhouse's sun-drenched, plant-nurturing environment or a potting shed's multifunctional, cosy ambience, our ranges offer something for every gardener. 

These structures are more than mere additions to your garden; they are investments in your passion for gardening, each designed to enhance your horticultural journey. In this blog we’ve provided valuable insights, helping you decide which of our greenhouses and potting sheds best suit your gardening needs and aspirations. Remember, the right structure can transform your garden and your gardening experience!

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