26th July 2015

Playhouses mean fun

Playhouses mean fun

Imagination, role play, socialising, fantasy, play acting, hiding, spying, self confidence, independence but best of all FUN

These can all be gained from the experience of a playhouse and they are not just for toddlers.

Watch with delight as children receive their first little haven. They will play in it for hours. Friends will join them and there will be laughter galore. Adults will think of it as a lovely addition to the garden, some will paint it in vibrant colours and various furnishings taking them back to their own childhood. Children will help and enjoy getting very messy doing so. It will always be a work of art to the eye of the beholder.

Playhouses grow with children, who will adapt their fun as they progress from toddlers to infants and if the playhouse is large enough it will eventually become their clubhouse or maybe their pet house where adults are strictly forbidden to enter.  

Bricks and mortar are not the only investment, invest for life with a wooden playhouse and have so much FUN

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25th July 2015

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Ok it’s raining, summer seems to have gone into sleep mode, and your first thought?

Summers over, its cold lets go back into the house and hibernate. It’s so easy to fall into those negative vibes; yet you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the time when a summerhouse will come into its own. Wood is a natural insulator and just by looking at it brings a feel good factor and the feeling of warmth.

With a covering of rainwater the garden looks alive and fresh and is a great time to view the garden in its entire splendor. Flowers, especially white flowers look particularly radiant on dull days where they shimmer, reflecting what little light there is, in great contrast to the surrounding grayness. It’s amazing how flowers illuminate on dull days or when the sun sets; it’s magnificent to experience.

A summerhouse is your own sanctuary where you can sit outside, sheltered from the wind and drizzle, experiencing the real beauty of your garden and enjoying the inclement weather from the comfort of your garden, making summer last all year round, perhaps with a pot of tea and a friend or two.

23rd July 2015

It's official Sheds are no longer humble

There is a lot happening in the shedsworld at the moment. Men Sheds organisations are popping up all over the country. It is an idea that has been popular in Australia for many years and is now over here. Men folk get together in a shed (although usually a cabin) and share their skills to generally make or repair all sorts of things, adding value to the local community. 

A Men's shed club due to open in Oswestry

“Is offering an opportunity for men of any age with time on their hands to get themselves out of the house and meet new people; welcoming men who may feel isolated or lonely because of divorce, bereavement, retirement or job redundancy to come along, socialise and help to make a difference in the community.”

There are at least a hundred of these clubs in the UK now, and it has been reported that there may be health benefits to joining them. If this interests you why not look to see if there is a men’s shed organisation near you or even start one.

Don’t think the ladies are missing out though, as “She sheds” are booming where sheds are transformed into magnificent hobby homes at the bottom of the garden with all the trimmings and comforts a lady might expect. 

Think of sheds, you automatically think of garden storage for gardening tools and barbeques etc.

The Lancaster news reported a chap from Lancaster has taken the once humble garden shed much further. His backyard shed has been used as a concert stage after his dad likened the shed to a bandstand.

So he held a concert in his back yard with live music and a 100 folk fed with smoked pork from a truck at the front of his home.

We would love to see some pictures of the more unusual uses of the garden shed.

If you would like to share please email: [email protected] 

22nd July 2015

Schools out for Summer

Schools out for Summer

The great thing about the summer holiday is that it gives the opportunity for loads of outdoor family time. Children nowadays like a lot of attention. It can get expensive providing daytrips, so what better way to spend some family time, than in the garden with a generous sized corner arbour.

Featuring a slatted Venetian style roof design, The Forest Venetian Corner Arbour ticks all the right boxes. Not only providing welcome shade from direct sunlight but it makes a lovely garden feature for all to admire. The arbour is large enough to seat four people, but small enough not to over-power a garden.

It makes a great place to have a cup of tea, and watch the young ones play, or for those older children it is an ideal place for a tete a tete and maybe in the evening, the arbour is large enough for a family gathering of four for some family fun.

Once the children are sound asleep, relax and wind down from a day full of activity.

The Forest Venetian Corner arbour is currently on a very special offer and is too good to miss out on. The solid back panels help shield from those blustery days. Pressure treated with a 15 year guarantee, this corner arbour will easily stand the test of time of children as they progress from the terrible two’s to pleasant sociable teenagers.....     

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18th July 2015

Live the Log Cabin Dream at an unbelievably low price

Live the Log Cabin Dream at an unbelievably low price

Not so long ago a log cabin was only for the rich and famous. Images of their winter holidays in salubrious ski resorts flashed across our television screens showing a magnificent log cabin in the background and films such as James Bond where our hero chased by a villain, escapes by ski jumping over the top of a log cabin, created the image that these glamorous log cabins were out of reach for most of us.

If you wanted to live the dream of having your very own log cabin, it was likely you would have had to spend thousands on even the smallest cabin.

Fortunately you can now live the dream at a very affordable price.

For a limited period only elbec garden buildings are offering a range of log cabins to suit everyone at unbelievably low prices.

Why the low price?
The cabin is sold as a package and custom options are not available, keeping production costs much lower.

They are still manufactured using top grade log cabin timber from the world class saw mills of Siberia and Scandinavia, just like the timber those dream cabins are made from, so don’t miss out on these summer bargains and order by Wednesday 12th August, because they really are too good to miss out on.

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17th July 2015

Save upto 50% on Arbours for Summer and Autumn and Winter (well sometimes) and Spring

Save upto 50% on Arbours for Summer and Autumn and Winter (well sometimes) and Spring

Enjoy the lovely summer days with an arbour.

Choose from our fantastic high quality range of very special offer arbours and all at the lowest prices around and save yourself upto 50% (yes Fifty!) on rrp.

You notice arbours and probably think they make a lovely feature but not much else. You would be wrong. Once you find yourself relaxed in one you will be hooked. On a hot summers day they provide welcome shade. Maybe you will read a book or magazine or catch up on the latest news; snooze away or sit there and admire the garden.

There are plenty of sunny days in autumn and spring and although the days are short in winter and sometimes cold, you will perhaps find the odd occasion when you can sit outside and enjoy a splendid cold winters day.

When not in use they add excitement and make an attention-grabbing feature for the garden, where you can admire from afar and feel proud when you invite your friends and relatives round.

Arbours are great for supporting plants, kids love them, adults love them and even your pet will love them. In fact everyone loves them whatever their age.  

Our arbours are supplied flat packed for self assembly, but you don’t need to be a joiner or carpenter to put one together, although some diy experience will be more than a little useful.

They are great for a weekend project where all the family can get involved from assembly to painting it in a wonderful array of colours. Or why not surprise yourself and create this wonderful feature for your dream garden with your own stamp of originality.

Our arbours may look a million dollars when they are put together, but you will be surprised at how low our prices are.

So go on treat yourself this summer with a beautiful arbour and surprise yourself.

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16th July 2015

What's in your garden shed?

As we all know the average shed tend to be used for storing all sorts of garden equipment from lawnmowers and tools to barbeques and garden furniture. It was recently reported that a shed owner in Oxfordshire  kept a World War Two mortar shell in their garden shed for more than a decade believing it to be deactivated.

Luckily before demolishing the shed, they checked with police who found it to be live. The shell was safely detonated by army bomb disposal experts.

“Thames Valley Police described it as a "historic live munition" and told residents in a tweet there was "no need to worry". “

Source: bbc news

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