10th February 2017

The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Mercia Helios Summerhouse is a stunning contemporary designed garden building with all year round purpose currently on offer for £1,160.00

You’ll love how spacious the summerhouse is, leaving plenty of room for relaxing in the summer and will be perfect for storage in the winter. The windows are glazed with environmentally friendly styrene to allow plenty of light and an added safety measure, making the summerhouse ideal for hobbies.

The 10x10 summerhouse walls are built from high quality, FSC certified timber. It uses specially designed Tongue and Groove cladding to give the summerhouse multifunctional purposes; its water resistance makes it durable whilst maintaining an appealing aesthetic to suit your garden. All the timber has been treated with water based timber treatment and comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

The abstract curved roof offers a very stylish design and is constructed from T and G cladding, leaving no sharp edges and promoting water runoff from both the floor and roof.

High quality floor joists give it a solid sturdy feel, allowing for a greater load capacity. This means it maintains its stunning design while still retaining its strength, which is ideal if you want to store items over winter.

This beautiful and stylish summerhouse comes with 6 styrene clear glazed windows, T and G walls and a double door. All the parts are delivered flat-packed with easy to follow instructions along with the fittings and sand mineral roofing felt. 

The Mercia Helios summerhouse comes with lots of space allowing room to do whatever activates or hobbies you want all year round, no matter what the weather!

Buy now with free UK mainland delivery shipping usually within 10-15 working days.

27th January 2017

Buy an Elite Greenhouse Now and Beat the February Price Increase

Buy an Elite Greenhouse Now and Beat the February Price Increase

Greenhouses are a great investment for both keen gardeners and gardening novices. A greenhouse will take your passion to a new level or nurture the seedling of a hobby.

First and foremost, a greenhouse offers protection for your plants, many of which would not survive the cold months without over-wintering. Instead of leaving them to brave the cold winds or snow outside, why not bring your more delicate plants into a warm greenhouse and ensure they’ll last through to the next year? This will save you time and money because you won’t have to sow new seeds again next year.

A greenhouse also allows you to grow your own vegetables, another wallet saving strategy! Freshly grown vegetables have a great taste and as the producer, you have control and can be certain that you’re not eating any pesticides or other chemicals with your Sunday roast. You also have the freedom to choose what to grow, so you can experiment with more exotic fruits or grow out of season vegetables and enjoy your favourites all year round.  If you really take to it, why not consider selling at a farmers’ market and recoup the cost of your greenhouse week by week?

With so many reasons to buy a greenhouse, surely the only thing left to consider is its size and colour? Browse the Elite greenhouse collection, which includes freestanding and lean-to greenhouses in a choice of coloured or aluminium finish, and find the perfect model for your garden.

Elite’s greenhouse prices are increasing by 10% on 1st February 2017, so you need to order by 31st January to beat the price increase.


12th January 2017

Shire Workspace Sheds

Shire Workspace Sheds

The kitchen table is ideal for some hobbies, but no use at all for anyone who needs space to move around or store tools and equipment. When you need space for your hobby, you need a shed.

The Shire Workspace Apex garden shed from elbec is ideal for hobbies such as quilt making, woodworking and running model train displays.

With three sizes in the range – 10x10, 15x10 and 20x10 – you’ll be amazed by the amount of usable space on offer, giving you room for just about any hobby.

The windows are along one wall so there’s plenty of light but, because they’re not all round the building, you have an uninterrupted length of wall for shelves and cupboards.

The Workspace shed comes flat packed and is easy to put up, although an assembly service is available if required.

January Workspace Offer

From now until 31st January, the 20ft x 10ft Shire Workspace shed is on offer at only £1199, a saving on nearly £800. You won't find a better value workshop shed anywhere!

5th September 2016

Summerhouses in September

Summerhouses in September

elbec Miami summerhouse

Do you associate summerhouses with the warmer months of the year? Then take a look at the Miami summerhouse which is an ideal all-year round garden building, currently on offer at £1,629.

The Miami is an elegant, contemporary 12x10 summerhouse with six fully glazed windows which makes the building a great space for entertaining as well as for hobbies requiring plenty of light.

You’ll find quality features throughout the Miami summerhouse, such as toughened glass and doors which have been properly made by joiners. The framework has rounded corners so there aren’t any sharp edges and, although it is robust, it is an attractive building which looks great in any garden setting.

Certified, high-grade tongue and groove timber has been used for the walls, floor and roof and has a ten year anti-rot guarantee. All the timber has been pre-treated with a protective base coat and is ready for a water based top coat in whatever colour you fancy.

The Miami comes flat packed with all the fittings, roofing felt and full assembly instructions although there is an assembly option also available. An added attraction is that the summerhouse does not need a specially prepared base and there’s free delivery to the UK mainland within 15-20 working days.

Whatever the time of year, you’ll find you want to spend as much time as possible in a Miami contemporary summerhouse.

The Miami summerhouse at £1629 from elbec is an inspired, multi-purpose garden building with high quality features as standard.

With Autumn just round the corner, it’s easy to assume that your days in the garden are coming to an end for another year. Buy a Miami 12x10 summerhouse, currently on offer at £1629, and you won’t have to abandon your garden until next Spring.

The Miami is an elegant, contemporary summerhouse that looks great in any garden setting. With six windows it’s a light and airy building that’s ideal for entertaining or for use as a hobby room. Made from high quality, planed tongue and groove boarding with plenty of safety features, the Miami is delivered free to the UK mainland with all fixtures, fittings, roof felt and assembly instructions within 15-20 working days.

12th August 2016

We've Got the Perfect Playhouses for Your Youngsters

We've Got the Perfect Playhouses for Your Youngsters

Just like children, playhouses come in all different shapes and sizes. Choosing a playhouse which is just right for your youngster and their friends can be a tricky business. And there are lots of things to consider – of course, you want a safe and great quality play experience for your children, but at the same time it has to be affordable. Well, with the Shire range of playhouses starting at only £159.98 all this is possible. That’s because UK manufacturer Shire recognises that children’s play changes as they develop and their products have been adapted to perfectly suit different age groups.

The Shire 4x4 Playhut is ideal for very young children because it’s not too big, but there’s still sufficient space for the beginnings of imaginative play to develop. The Playhut includes an opening window, although tiny fingers will be safe because of the built-in piano hinges. The Playhut is a recent addition to the range and was introduced to meet the demand for a first playhouse suitable for smaller gardens.

Another compact playhouse is the Shire Bunny which looks like a proper little house with its fancy door handle and opening window. Taller than the Playhut, it’s ideal for kids who are beginning to grow both physically and mentally. Along with all the other playhouses in the Shire range, the Bunny has rounded edges for extra safety.

The Shire Kitty is a cottage-style playhouse which will appeal to primary school age children because there’s more internal space, plus there’s a canopy and a veranda included in the price. Just think of the fun the children will have and, with some shade and cover, they’ll be able to stay outside for longer. The Kitty is an attractive building which looks right at home in any style of garden.

There’s even more scope for imaginative play in the Shire Cubby playhouse which is a larger version of the Kitty. The Cubby may look a little out of place in a very small garden, but if you have the space to accommodate this 6x5 playhouse, it would be well worth it.

The Shire range of playhouses has been well thought through to provide exciting spaces where children can play in safely constructed conditions. All the Shire playhouses are supplied pre-treated with a base coat which gives you plenty of scope to choose a top coat in a colour to suit the young occupants. Whichever model is right for your family the playhouses arrive flat-packed with easy to follow assembly instructions, usually within 3-10 working days. Plus there’s free delivery* so order now!

8th August 2016

From Awesome Arches to Perfect Pergolas...

From Awesome Arches to Perfect Pergolas...

Is your garden stuck in the past? Looking for something stylish and contemporary to spruce it up? Why not make the most of the remaining summer by giving your garden a new lease of life.

Make sure that your garden is a place you can take pride in – somewhere you want to enjoy the sunshine and spend time with your friends and family. If you decorate it well, your garden will repay you with endless evenings of outdoor relaxation, providing the perfect setting for unwinding, eating, entertaining and more.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the summer sun and transform your garden into a modern wonderland, then the Grange Urban range is the perfect thing for you. Its sleek, fresh and defined style complements virtually any garden, whether it’s a small urban space or an expansive country area.

The variety of products available in the Grange Urban range means there’s something for every garden, with Planter, Fencing, Arch and Pergola all available. Use the Planter to give your garden some added colour with an exciting new floral display, or make your outdoor space into a fine dining area with the Pergola. And all with the reassurance of the 15 year anti-rot guarantee which comes with all products in the Grange Urban range.

Plus, of course, they’re all available at elbec’s great value prices, with free UK mainland delivery!

Grange Urban Screen Planter

The Grange Urban Screen Planter stylishly combines a large planter perfect for floral displays with an attractive screen that gives you the option to incorporate climbing plants. And with a free liner, you can get started on that garden rejuvenation project straight away!

Grange Urban Garden Screen Fencing

Ideal for creating subtle boundaries in your garden, the Grange Urban Garden Screen Fencing comes in 4ft and 6ft sizes to help you create the look you want. And, like all of the products in the Grange Urban range, it’s made from specially selected pressure treated and planed timber to give it impressive strength and an extra long life.

Grange Urban Garden Arch

Suitable as a standalone structure or for integration with existing garden items, the Grange Urban Garden Arch gives your garden a chic look. Providing you with the ability to separate your garden without cluttering it, the Arch is just the right thing to create distinct moods and sections in your garden.

Grange Urban Garden Pergola

Always wanted to give your garden a standout feature? The Grange Urban Garden Pergola is the ultimate place to dine or entertain, its clean style creating a focal point for your garden. And, like all products in the Grange Urban range, it’s available in a choice of four colours as well as its natural timber finish.

So if you need something new to give your garden that extra bit of style, the Grange Urban range will meet all your needs. And with free UK mainland delivery and our fantastic prices, it’s never been more affordable to achieve your dream garden look. But hurry – offers end Tuesday 23rd August, so order now to avoid missing out!

1st August 2016

Make Sure You Love Your Garden...

Make Sure You Love Your Garden...

Did you catch last Tuesday’s episode of ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’? Once again many of the products we sell were featured on the show, demonstrating how our wide range of items can spruce up any garden. Last Tuesday, in episode 4, we saw Caroline’s garden divided into themed sections using the Grange Urban Garden Arch from our professional range. Previous episodes have presented other unique garden displays that illustrate the versatility of the products we sell and show how you can create your own special space outdoors.

Can’t decide on just one theme for your outdoor space? Our website features many of the products which were seen on the show and can suit any taste.

Grange Urban Screen 180cm & 120cm

Grange’s Urban Screen can be strategically placed to divide your garden into different zones that give you the opportunity to create various moods.  The natural colour and sleek structure of the Urban Screen adds a modern touch that complements the natural surroundings of your garden.

Grange Urban Arch

The Urban Arch by Grange leads you from one section of your garden to another and adds plenty of character with its defining sharp lines. Want your Urban Arch to stand out even more? The Urban Arch is available in pre-painted colour options of Sage Green, Cornish Cream, Heritage Blue and Dove Grey.

Grange Fortress Driveway Gates

Do you remember how the ‘Love Your Garden’ team used the Grange Fortress Driveway Gates to maintain that feeling of privacy? The combination of the design layout with thick framework gives a contemporary feel without sacrificing the intimacy of your outdoor area. Individual attention is given to each of these gates thanks to their hand-assembly, so every gate has a personal touch and is made to an extremely high standard.

Grange Pale Infill Path Gate

Add some character to your garden with Grange’s Pale Infill Path Gate which maximises both style and visibility with its featured gaps. The simple yet classic design of the Pale Infill Path Gate has the ability to fit in with any garden and offer that extra security we all require.

So why don’t you go ahead and take a look at all these featured products on our website using the links below

22nd July 2016

Give Your Kids an Adventure with Jungle Gym Climbing Frames

Give Your Kids an Adventure with Jungle Gym Climbing Frames

With the summer holidays upon us and the weather set fair, your kids are bound to be spending loads of time in the garden over the coming weeks. But how can you keep them entertained for all that time? Well, our selection of Jungle Gym climbing frames is here to help.

Each Jungle Gym climbing frame comes complete with a sandpit and a slide in a choice of colours. Plus there’s the option to add a whole host of extras, from swings to bridges to rope nets and much more, so these climbing frames are sure to capture the imagination of your kids.

Not only will your kids be entertained for hours, but they’ll be enjoying the great outdoors at the same time. With a climbing frame in your garden, you can be sure that your kids will be getting plenty of fresh air and exercise as well as a healthy dose of fun.

Climbing frames are endlessly entertaining and give children the opportunity to make the most of their childhood – and the summer weather.

And their great quality is sure to keep adults interested as well! Planed, rounded and pressure treated timber ensures climbing frames are long-lasting. And you can buy with real confidence because there’s a 10-year guarantee against rot and infestation.

There’s a great range of Jungle Gym climbing frames available at elbec, so you’re sure to find the right one to fit your needs. And right now, the Hut, Lodge and Cabin Jungle Gym climbing frames are on sale until Friday 29th July.

Climbing frames really are the perfect way to get your child enjoying the great outdoors because they ensure hours of fun for every day over the summer. So order now to make the most of the holidays.

13th July 2016

Shire Elveden Log Cabin - For Far More Than Just Garden Storage

Shire Elveden Log Cabin - For Far More Than Just Garden Storage

The Shire Elveden Log Cabin has a whole plethora of uses, far beyond the remit of garden storage filled by your average shed. And as it’s made-to-order, it can fill any need you might have.

Built from slow grown Siberian and Scandinavian spruce timber, the materials used are only the best quality, giving tighter grain, less sap and fewer knots. Complete with tongue and groove construction and with the option of 44 or 70mm logs, you can have real confidence that your log cabin is sturdy, secure, robust and long-lasting.

As well as the option for extra thick log size, you can choose to have heavy duty roof tiles, toughened glass or double glazed windows, additional side windows and full assembly should you desire.

The Elveden comes with an inset porch and internal room divide, but this top quality log cabin can be made to measure for bespoke purposes. You have the option to include extra doors and room partitions, change the position and style of windows and doors, remove the porch or add an annexe and many other options. The Elveden comes in a spacious 14x26ft build, but other sizes are also available.

And with such generous space, the possibilities for use are endless.

Home use – Use the Elveden as a hideaway for your kids, dividing it into a lounge area and a games room. Have the workshop you’ve always dreamed of, complete with a studio to fine-tune and showcase your work. Transform your study and work from home in style and comfort.

Group use – Renovate your club’s cricket or bowls facilities by using the Elveden as a pavilion, adding an extra partition to give you a social area as well as home and away dressing rooms. Upgrade the facilities at your local youth club or community centre, providing an extra space to meet the needs of people in your area.

Wider use – Upgrade your school’s facilities by providing a unique new classroom, study space or social area. Give your business’s lunch facilities a makeover or turn the Elveden into a distinctive meeting room to impress potential clients.            

The first class quality of the Shire Elveden Log Cabin means that you can rest assured in the excellence of your purchase. And its bespoke nature means that it can truly fill any need you might have: the perfect log cabin, whatever its use.

And at a reduced price of £5699, a huge £1260 below RRP, there isn’t a better time to buy. Find out more about the Elveden here and order yours today!

12th July 2016

For our Shire Corner Summerhouses, Size Does Matter

Two of our most popular summerhouses, the Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse (top) and the Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse (bottom), are now available in an extra spacious 10x10ft size.

Summerhouses are the perfect addition to give your garden that extra wow factor, as well as increase its usefulness. These generously sized 10x10ft models give you the perfect space to relax, socialise and entertain, all with extreme comfort.

Both of these models come with a reassuring 10 year anti-rot guarantee and free UK mainland delivery*. They’re both currently on offer, but our sale ends at midnight on Thursday 14th July so you’ll have to act quickly to make the most of our great deals!

The Shire Hampton Corner Summerhouse boasts slow grown continental timber, meaning a tighter grain, extra strength and longer life. Combined with its tongue and groove construction – which includes the summerhouse’s floor – this means you can be confident of the Hampton’s quality and sturdiness.

It also showcases great traditional looks with its matching joinery windows. The windows are properly morticed and tenoned, giving superior strength. On top of this, their 3mm horticultural glass and profiled lips make them weather resistant, ensuring your summerhouse stays healthy all year round.

And at a price of under £900, the Hampton offers supreme value. Get yours now before this fantastic offer ends! Find out more about the Hampton here.

Just like the Hampton, the Barclay comes with tongue and groove walls and floor for superb strength and sturdiness. The 44mm framing is made from slow grown timber and is extremely robust, giving you peace of mind in the quality of your purchase.

With its four clear windows and fully opening double doors, the Barclay allows for easy access and great views, perfect for those long summer evenings.

Coming in at just over £900, the Barclay offers excellent value for money given its first class materials and stylish, modern looks. But be quick if you want to take advantage of that price because our sale ends Thursday! Find out more about the Barclay here.

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