29th September 2015

The Grange Oriental Pergola

The Grange Oriental Pergola

Always fancied lazing in a hot tub in your garden? Buy a Grange Oriental pergola from elbec and your fantasy could become a reality, especially as the pergola is currently on offer with a saving of over £250. The Oriental would make an ideal bathing area because its distinctive tiled roof offers oodles of shelter and, if you wanted a little more privacy, there’s the option to add extra posts or trellis sides.

If hopping in and out of hot water is not your thing, then the Oriental pergola is still an excellent buy. It offers an ideal stylish space for entertaining and would make an enviable eyecatching statement in your garden. All the wood is pressure treated so you’ll have years of low maintenance and can relax and enjoy your garden from a different perspective.

The Grange Oriental Pergola is currently on offer at £835.00

28th September 2015

Grange Barleythorpe Walk Pergola

Grange Barleythorpe Walk Pergola

Looking for a pergola walkway which combines traditional materials with a modern twist? The Grange Barleythorpe Walk pergola from elbec could be the perfect answer. Designed by Jac Flower, well known garden and landscape designer, the Barleythorpe pergola has three simple arches, linked by ropes. The result makes an attractive colonnade which leads the eye along a pathway or towards a garden feature.

Now is an ideal time to invest in your garden because the Barleythorpe Walk pergola is currently on sale at £599.00,  a saving of over £190. The timber arches have been smooth-planed and pressure treated so that you can look forward to years of garden pleasure with little or no maintenance.

16th September 2015

Is September too early to begin buying Christmas presents?

Is September too early to begin buying Christmas presents?

Bargain hunters will tell you that the middle of September is the ideal time to begin shopping for Christmas presents. It’s about now that many suppliers clear their warehouses. It’s when they mark down products for a quick sale in order to create more space for new stock.

Children’s playhouses are a typical September ‘let’s get rid’ product because there’s fewer opportunities in the autumn for youngsters to be outdoors, so there’s not as many sales. That makes a playhouse the perfect gift for the canny Christmas present buyer.

The Shire Lad’s shed playhouse at £99 from elbec is an excellent example of a give-away, not to be missed bargain. For under £100 your children will receive a Christmas gift with a difference. Watch their faces light up when they realise there’s a summer ahead of creative play in a well constructed building that’s all their own. OK, so they won’t notice that the Lad’s shed is made from high quality, treated softwood with lots of safety features, but you’ll know. And, painted in a suitable shade with curtains at the window and the playhouse easily becomes a ‘Lasses shed’.

The Lad’s shed playhouse comes flat packed so it’s easy enough to store until it’s time for Father Christmas’s elves to collect ready for delivery on 25 December. And with the easy to follow instructions, assembling the playhouse could make a great holiday activity for all the family.

So, no, September isn’t too early to begin buying Christmas presents. But be quick because the Lad’s shed playhouse from elbec is such a good price that it won’t be on the warehouse racks for much longer.

8th September 2015

Give your garden that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’

Give your garden that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’

Looking for decorative fencing panels which remind you of a great holiday spent in France? That’s not as silly as it sounds.

Deciding whether to replace your fencing panels or squeeze in a sunshine break in France before the end of the Summer? It may be possible to do both with a range of fancy fencing from elbec named after French resorts, especially as the St Meloir, St Carne and St Lunairs fencing panels are currently available at a really hot price.

While you’re putting on the sun cream you can rest assured that the St Meloir panels have been pressure treated to provide protection against rot and fungal decay for up to ten years. With their elegant wavy tops and attractive integrated trellis, these decorative panels will let the sunshine into your garden for years to come.

Unlike some beach wear, the St Carne panels look great in any garden setting. They are smooth planed with dome tops and horizontal slats which have the natural beauty you get from using high quality wood.

You’ll catch everyone’s eye when you opt for St Lunairs diamond trellis fencing panels. These decorative panels will save you time as well as money because you can buy them ready painted in one of five colour finishes.

All of these French sounding garden fencing panels are made by Grange, a British company with 140 years of experience and a reputation for quality products.

So, before you pack your bags and head for St Meloir, St Carne or St Lunair, plan to come home to a set of attractively-priced, decorative garden panels from elbec.

1st September 2015

Reflect the glory of your garden

Reflect the glory of your garden

A decorative garden mirror is a sparkling way to add value to your garden. And there’s a great range at elbec with several models reduced up to 25% for two weeks from 26 August.

Many gardeners would love more space, but their boundaries are such that this will never be an option. However, you can create the illusion of a bigger garden with a decorative mirror. The Grange lattice mirror is a perfect example which will give the impression of views extending way beyond your immediate horizon. Carefully slotted into a wall or fence, a lattice mirror will not only brighten a small area but will last for years because it’s made from carefully selected wood which has been pressure treated.

elbec offers garden mirrors which reflect building styles through the ages. So, whether you live in a Tudor, Gothic or a more modern home, you’ll find a decorative mirror that’s ideal for your property. The Grange Gothic mirror is a good example of a carefully designed, distinctive product that blends in with its surroundings, to the extent that visitors may think it’s always been there. And with a sizeable reduction in price over the August Bank Holiday and into September, it’s the perfect time to light up your garden and enhance your view.

Order a decorative garden mirror now and it should be delivered within 5-7 working days, free to most areas of the UK.

17th August 2015

Who’s Looking At Your Shed?

Who’s Looking At Your Shed?

Burglars love the holiday season when people are away from home. Thefts from sheds increase by around 25% during the summer months, according to one of the UK’s top insurance companies.

If you’re a shed owner it’s worth checking your insurance policy before you go on holiday because some insurance companies may not cover you for high value items such as power tools, bicycles, lawn mowers or garden furniture.

But even if your policy is OK, there’s no point inviting trouble and there are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of your shed being burgled:

  • Check your shed is secure and has an adequate lock
  • Use non-returnable screws on hinges that show on the outside of the shed.  Drill the heads of any screws that show so they cannot be unscrewed
  • Use window locks on windows that open. If your shed has windows that you never use, why not screw them down so they don’t open
  • Chain bicycles and ladders to secure anchor points that are concreted into the ground
  • Use security lighting which is activated by sensors in the area around your shed and consider installing a shed alarm.  

If you are in the market for a shed, then it’s sensible to think about security when you are looking at the options. elbec garden buildings takes security seriously and has a range of sheds which you could consider:

Windowless Sheds

Burglars are less likely to break into a shed if they are not sure what’s inside. Time is of the essence for a burglar; the longer they hang around the more likely it is that they will be disturbed. And of course they won’t want to waste their time breaking in to a shed to find there is nothing of value inside. Have a look at the following options from elbec:

Pricewise range

  • Wooden sheds are the cheapest option and many are windowless to prevent prying eyes. Wooden, windowless sheds are available from 3x2 ft to 12x6 ft
  • Many metal and plastic sheds are windowless and have the added advantage that if someone tries to break in, they won’t be able to do it quietly!

Popular range

  • There are a number of windowless wooden sheds in this range, but most models also offer thicker wall cladding and stronger floors for extra security. The sizes available are from 3x2 ft to 8x6ft.

Professional range
These are amongst the most secure wooden sheds around and include such features as:

  • Concealed full length, factory fitted door hinges
  • Windowless sheds at no extra charge
  • Fully framed, ledged and braced doors
  • Option for thicker wall cladding
  • Specially designed security shed models with small windows
  • Lock and key for most models
  • Unlimited sizes

Follow our common sense advice and you’ll enjoy your holiday without worrying about your shed!

10th August 2015

Wood, Plastic or Metal? Material considerations for your garden shed

When it comes to choosing the garden shed that is just right for you, many factors such as price, size, maintenance and durability may be taken into consideration, all of which are significantly affected by a shed’s material. In the world of garden sheds, there is only one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: wood, plastic or metal?

Wooden sheds

The traditional wooden shed has been the mainstay of British gardens for hundreds of years. Despite requiring regular maintenance, wooden sheds are easily customised both externally and internally thanks to the flexibility of wood. If you’re a purist willing to put time, effort and care into your wooden shed, it will be an attractive asset to any garden space.

Plastic sheds

However, there is a strong case to be made in favour of purchasing a plastic shed. Plastic sheds can be used as extremely effective storage spaces, while requiring no regular maintenance. They’re much lighter weight, than the much heavier wood or metal alternatives. While they should be placed in a shaded area, plastic sheds are long lasting, because they come with a high UV resistance and weather proof features.

Metal sheds

But plastic sheds are not the only alternative to the traditional wooden shed: metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their bargain price tags, the ease with which they can be assembled and the little or no maintenance they require. In addition, metal sheds come with the best available sizing options, ensuring great value for money.

Therefore, provided you’re willing to put in the time and care required, but wish to make storage attractive and want a garden shed which will augment the value of your property, then look no further than the traditional wooden shed.

However, the more contemporary plastic shed provides a maintenance-free, affordable and accessible answer to many storage problems. Users can effectively and easily store tons of items, all at a low monetary and time cost.
Alternatively, because they’re easy to assemble, very cheap and with the best sizing options available, look past the industrial exterior and a metal shed could be perfect for your garden storage needs.

29th July 2015

Is Your Shed In Touch With Its Feminine Side

It’s big news. There’s a tradition that the shed at the bottom of the garden is part of a men-only world. But women are mounting a rear guard action!

Buying a shed is often seen as a male activity. Sheds are sold by men, for men and it can be a daunting task for a woman to buy a shed. But it shouldn’t be and that’s where elbec comes to the rescue.

elbec is owned by a woman (that’s me, Marilyn) and we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable women at our in-house call centre. Any one of us can give you advice about sheds and their installation as well as answering all your questions about log cabins, summerhouses and greenhouses.

Whatever type of garden building you’re interested in, the elbec women are here to help.

PS. If you’re a man reading this article, don’t be put off. elbec is a family business and my husband, Martin, along with the other guys in our team, is as good as the rest of us. We just don’t let them take the credit for being the only ones who understand, enthuse about and sell sheds.

26th July 2015

Playhouses mean fun

Playhouses mean fun

Imagination, role play, socialising, fantasy, play acting, hiding, spying, self confidence, independence but best of all FUN

These can all be gained from the experience of a playhouse and they are not just for toddlers.

Watch with delight as children receive their first little haven. They will play in it for hours. Friends will join them and there will be laughter galore. Adults will think of it as a lovely addition to the garden, some will paint it in vibrant colours and various furnishings taking them back to their own childhood. Children will help and enjoy getting very messy doing so. It will always be a work of art to the eye of the beholder.

Playhouses grow with children, who will adapt their fun as they progress from toddlers to infants and if the playhouse is large enough it will eventually become their clubhouse or maybe their pet house where adults are strictly forbidden to enter.  

Bricks and mortar are not the only investment, invest for life with a wooden playhouse and have so much FUN

Take a look at the bargain playhouses at elbec garden buildings

25th July 2015

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Making summer last all year round with a Summerhouse

Ok it’s raining, summer seems to have gone into sleep mode, and your first thought?

Summers over, its cold lets go back into the house and hibernate. It’s so easy to fall into those negative vibes; yet you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the time when a summerhouse will come into its own. Wood is a natural insulator and just by looking at it brings a feel good factor and the feeling of warmth.

With a covering of rainwater the garden looks alive and fresh and is a great time to view the garden in its entire splendor. Flowers, especially white flowers look particularly radiant on dull days where they shimmer, reflecting what little light there is, in great contrast to the surrounding grayness. It’s amazing how flowers illuminate on dull days or when the sun sets; it’s magnificent to experience.

A summerhouse is your own sanctuary where you can sit outside, sheltered from the wind and drizzle, experiencing the real beauty of your garden and enjoying the inclement weather from the comfort of your garden, making summer last all year round, perhaps with a pot of tea and a friend or two.

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